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*blush* Well this is my very first wallpaper I am very excited and whatnot. Now on to the rest of this caption......*rolls eyes*This is a disclaimer:I DO NOT own Zero Kiryu, Vampire Knight, PhotoBucket, Paint and all the other sources I amy have used. However I DO own this wallpaper. Yeah, NOOBS and art thieves I'm talking to you! This is MY work/piece. MINE! Seriously stop ruining everything for everybody! Just submit what stuff is truthfully yours and stop stealing and reporting! You can be jealous, and you can be a crook. But I don't want you to be either of the 2, thank you.Also, for those of you have enjoyed reading my captions(as if) or have just flat out I read them, I thank you. I am honestly very grateful, not alot of people do that. And just so those you know I hjave decided to stop putting the amount of time spent on my pieces. I'm a big picture person and not only that I am forgetful too. So yeah I just can't do it anymore. Besides it's a butt to do so anyways. On the topic my friends say I'm a fast artist. And of course being myself I tend to take that the wrong way. I just happen to be faster in some areas than other because I am constanstly at practice for amyn diferent forms of artworks. I have the freetime don't I? And IU have become fast oevr time from working harder though hoever fast it make take mew to do certain things I DO put my heart and soul in about everything I do, except for school work of course. Stuff like that isnt worth my time. ;PAlso here are the links to the original pictures I used in the making of this wallpaper:[The logo]http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u30/sk8intillidie/zero2.jpg[the shot os Zero's eyes]http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w29/Franzi_J/zero2.jpg[the center of interest]:http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o274/Homsar88/Not%20mine/Pictures/ec27.jpgComments? Dowloads? Faves?Material used:PaintP.S. Enjoy. :)Spreading the infection. Homsar88.

Vampire Knight Wallpapers
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