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My Vampire Knight In Shining A
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Yes I know, ever since the Otakulypse Ive been submitting like crazy. Well I have lots of stuff yet to submit, about a MILLION ideas, all the free time in the world, and a erious need to get stuff in before the summer is over! It's ending fast Like I said before, summer's going fast fast fast! And wer ogtta pseed up! Up, up, up! Okay Ill stop now...ha, ha, ha Im hyper right now for some odd reason.... Well today Ive made another wallpaper. BUT, this time I made it On Kyouya-Sempaa my BRAND NEW LAPTOP! Sorry I just love saying that...muwhahaha...Well today Ive gotten to know Kyouya-Sempai better and 'he' doesnt like to be called "it" apparently and he's a slow, arrogant b*stard! We have so much in common! llh...well Ive found out how all the little doohickies work and now he doesnt think I have porn anymore!(well currently that is) And now Ican go onto deviantART again! w00t! *fireworks* But I still have to submit there more...boo... *doldrums* Oh and Id like to thank QT-chan for telling me about GoFish! It's really helped me w/ my Ouran-episode-finding problem. *hugs her for another 7 hours* lol. Now off to the counselor! To solve my real problems! jk. llh. That's not for a little while yet... Well I spent a couple hours on this, it turned out pretty good I think. And I just love using Open Canvas on my new laptop! UzumakiKitai was right! It IS easier to do it ona laptop! OMG, that sounded SOO wrong doing "IT" on a laptop or maybe having sex via the internet or something I can totally imagine it only it would probably put a real strain on your harddrive you cause a malfunction somthing like like this: Both Computers: Too hot and sweaty! Too wet! Does not compute! Maximum satisfaction overload! Danger! Danger! Clear all innocence? Girl and Boy: *clicks yes*both Computers: You got screwed! Girl's computer: Do you want to get pregnant? Boy's computer: Do You want to be a daddy? Girl: *clicks faster than Boy, and clicks yes* Boy: *clicks no(DUH)* Boy's computer: Too late! Both computers: You've got committment! I now pronounce you man and wife! >:) Girl: Yay! Now I can live out my lifelong dream of starting a family and whanot! Boy: *twitch twitch* No, no...h*ll no.....*faint* Both computers: Youve alway got, Twins! Pay us shipping and handling, and give us your credit card number and you will receive them via mail in 9 months. Girl: *still happy* Boy: *still in the process of aceptance* lmao.... P.S. Still cant use my scanner.... P.S.S. Last night the computer I used to use got a fried...yeah I know I got this just in time almost! Spreading the infection. Homsar88.

Vampire Knight Wallpapers
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