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The Evil Friagne
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First off, this is a disclaimer I do not own Shana(red hair), Friagne(purple hair), and Marianne(doll) or the Shakugan no Shana series. 2nd, all image credit goes to PhotoBucket and random Google image searches I do when Im done Googling my fullname. (lol) Also, the kanji you see in this picture is the kanji for 'evil' and DUH this a tribute to an evil dude, my fav. Shakugan no Shana villain, Friagne. Even if he's creepy w/ his obsessive doll fetish(especially w/ Marianne) we still love him and his guns(yes his weapon and something else too). jk. lol. I did this the other day out of boredom when I saw this really cool pic when looking up Friagne images, and saw this cool link, clicked on it and *Zoolnader voice* "Hey, this picture is riduculously good-looking, why not screw it up somehow? You know, just for the heckz of it." And yeah this baby came out. *baby crying noise start coming from the wallpaper* Uh oh! Looks like Wally needs to get changed again! XD lol..... Yeah me and muh weirdness.... Anyways, pirategaara said I should make that scene in my last wallpaper post(You Got Screwed) I might make it into a comic strip but Idk...Im drawing a pic for my grandma, I still cant work my scanner, and my sister is still spiralling downward into that little well we call her Runescape addiction. But I might do it...if I can hide it from my mom that is. Anything like that especially by me and in my possession would make her freak out or something but then again this is the only time Ive put anything like that in a comic so I think shell cut me some slack. In other news, in case you havent heard(and you probably have bt Ill say it anyways) pirategaara and me are seeing Rush Hour 3 Friday so yeah....and it's a series of movies I hadnt seen so I doubt Ill get what's going on but I NEED to get out the house,burn off some excess energy and see a movie that isnt on Disney Channel or Comedy Central cuz those r getting kinda old... And oin Sunday Im going to dad's for a whole week and I DONT WANNA GO!!! TT____TT Every time I happen to go there I cry for no reason and every bit of slef-esteem I have is gone for the amount of time I stay there. Could it be because each time I cryt dad says the smae flipping thing to me and at this point it doesnt help? Could it be because of a "certain incdent" involving theOtaku and my homelife still is adding tension between me and dad? Could it be because I hold everything in and I just coincidentally(sp?) blow up there? Or couyld it be that my dad yells at me at the most random and unnecessary times and I have lock myself up in my room all day to avoid that? It's porbably all of the above who knows...? All I know is if Im ever to stay happy long-term again itll probably be because Ive left early again or at leat have put off going there for awhile. Cuz really all Im totally sure of is there's tension bettween me and my dad as well as my mom...I think I need to see a counselor w/ him too. Sorry about all my emo yip-yap...just needing to vent, to open or dop something tthat helps me even if it's just a little w/out getting yelled at or hit or something.... So yeah sorry.... Comments? Downloads? Faves? P.S. THE BEATLE LOVES CANDY!!! Yeah dont f*cking ask..... Spreading the infection. Homsar88.

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