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The Kirin Shows The Way
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^_^ Well, I'm pretty darn proud of this one! I think with this one...well...I just worked really hard on it so I'm happy regardless of what others think...I think. ^^;; I tried my hand at another totally texture-type wallpaper...I know, it doesn't look GREAT, especially the larger resolution (forgive me!), but it's not too shabby! [edit] .__. Ignore that burst of love for this! I'm getting sick of looking at it. After staring at it...I've been finding way too many faults. I'm totally going to make a different one with him...because, yeah, this sucks. [/edit]

I just HAD to make an Enki wallpaper...I LOVE HIM. He's my favorite of the kirin in 12 Kingdoms (juuni kokuki). I got this huge calendar a couple years ago...maybe more from the anime and I loved this pic of him. ^^ So I had to scan in my huge-arse calendar to use this image! XD He was too big to fit all in one his feet got cut off. ^^; Anyhoo, I know it's not the cleanest scan, but I did my best...I've never used an image that I scanned in myself before.

So yeah, after a lot of time trying to extract him...and attempt to clean up the png...well, yeah. I worked on the bg! I could just imagine him walking through a field of some sort so there ya go. XD Brushework, more texture overlays...butterflies...*laugh* Though I'm afraid that the sky is too bright of a blue...and there's too much green...I don't know. -__-;

This took almost 2 hours to do. I hope you like it!!

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12 kingdoms, boy, cute, enki, green, kirin, texture
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