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Portrait of a Monster
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Well, this wallpaper really came as a surprise! Honestly, I didn't think I'd make another wallpaper this soon...and my next idea actually wasn't going to be of Johan, but then, hey...why not?? Tenken-chan on AP put out a challenge for anyone to make a wallpaper with the same scan that she did because there needs to be more Monster things! Her wallpaper is here:

So yeah, now you can see the differences; we both had very different ideas! Although, I must say...what I ended up with wasn't anything like what I had in mind. My first idea was to have a dirty old window in back of Johan [like the one at Kinderheim 5] and then have "Monster" written in blood on it. Obviously that didn't go over well. I couldn't make a window for the life of me. So then I thought I should try reconstructing poor Johan! Since half of him is cut off in the scan. That was hard. -__- It was a lot of copying/pasting, redrawing, pen tool, smudging...all sorts of goodness like that. And I think I did pretty darn well. :3

After completing him, I set off to make the wallpaper...I found lots of wonderful textures and used them because I wanted a dark texture-y wallpaper. I also found a cool photo of a dead-looking forest on deviantart. I spent a lot of time on making it look ok...but then I was dissatisfied! It looked like this:
I wanted to TRY to do something more creative. ^^; So I flattened it, put it on a new bg, shrank it and moved it around...making it look like a photo. I ran with that idea, putting a border on it, and then I made the background with the same texture I used on the photo and brushwork. I found the perfect fonts for the title and whatnot, too. ^^

Lots of browns and textures, that's what this wallpaper is! And I kinda like it for once. I hope that more people like it as well...I don't want it all to be for nothing just because Monster isn't very popular. :( This took around 4 hours to do. Enjoy!!

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