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A Wandering Princess
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This time, all the versions look fine, so no need to worry about getting the best one ^_^
These days I've been watching a lot of old cartoons, like Freakazoid! and Mike, Lu And Og (which are both love), and stumbled upon 0asis' YouTube channel, where I found the little gem that is Ningyo Hime Marina no Boken (translated by them as Saban's Adventures Of The Little Mermaid). OK, I know it's corny and cliche, but I loved it as a kid and I'm not about to start hating it now :D

I took some screenshots from the show from YouTube, one of which is this one. Here, Marina (mermaid princess turned human) climbs up a tree to reach the prince's room btw, the show isn't like the original Hans Christian Andersen tale, the prince & mermaid love each other and are a couple) and she sees the king there, so she's a bit surprised.

The whole walling process took around 2-3 hours, because I'm slow, lazy and get distracted easily XP I was originally planning to only vector Marina and paint the background, but I changed my mind because it would've looked weird with her being the only vectored thing. I also added some shading, which is totally opposed to the show's style, but I hope it looks good ^_^ Also, don't yell at me because of the bushes and clouds, I wanted them to be sharp-looking and vectorish, so there :D

PSD file size: 22 MB :o OMG, so little!
Layers: 55
Texture: Desktop Anime
Textureless versions: The Corner Of Art
Most difficult part: the mouth! OMG, those lips took so long to make! >.<" I'm not used to vectoring lips.
Easiest part: her eyebrows...? XD
My favorite parts: hair and earring <3
Thank you for viewing/faving/hugging/commenting on this work, I appreciate it

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