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Beauty In The Breakdown
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Wow I haven't made a wallpaper in such a long time!! @[email protected] Then again I haven't been on...if you didn't read my short post I made on my TheO world, I am back now! :D Sorry for being away for so long! Had internet probs and just school in general. >_< Anyways, I have missed this place and you wonderful people! :D I hope you all have been doing good!

First off....title is based off the song, "Let go" by Frou Frou. One of my alltime favorite bands^^ Listen to this song if you have the time, its beautiful. ♥

This wallpaper took me about 3 hours I think...not for sure. It took a long time for me to decided what I was actually going to do with it. I have always loved this image of Alice(character from Odin Sphere) and I finally found this image big enough to make a wallie out of it! :D I added two texutres and then the manic brushwork. I added the fairy wings to Alice's back for a fantasy feel(she isn't a fairy). Basically my two resource sites are Aethereality and Anime Rain. Lol. The rest was all with GIMP. :) That book the little girl is holding, Alice, is a very important book. :) As well as the others next to the chair. So that is why I made it sparkle...if you have played Odin Sphere, you know what I mean.

and yes there is a cat in the image, his name is Socrates. :3

Now to talk about Odin of the most beautiful games out there. I mean, look at the art for this game!!! Its unbelievable and the 2D art in the game is breathtaking!!! If you haven't heard of this game or played it before, PLEASE do. Its for the PS2 and right now I'm sure its only 20 dollars, a steal for this amazing game. :)

Here is the PS2 opening for the game:
and the Japanese trailer(this game is already released worldwide everywhere^^;):

Anyway, this is dedicated to Kittenlark, Deb, to welcome her back after being gone for so long from TheO(even though you have been back for awhile now, but not for me!! XD) and also becuase I missed her birthday. :( I missed a lot of birthdays...I have many gifts to make. Sorry^^; Anyway, I hope you like this Deb! Thank you for being one of the best friends and for truly being a shining light on this site^^ I love you bunches my dear! *hugs* Thank you for everything!

Take care everyone! Thank you very much for viewing my wallpaper and taking the time to read this! Please play Odin Sphere whenever you can! :D

- Alice and Socrates belong to Vanillaware's Odin Sphere
- Artwork is done by George Kamitani; found in Odin Sphere artbook
- Resources are from Aethereality, Anime Rain, and GIMP(Created with)
- Wallpaper done by me, Innocent Heart ♥

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