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Destiny and Tragedy
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Well, this is a thanks to kuryuki for pointing out a problem with my other wallpaper, so thanks.

For people who don't know the story of Covenent of the Plume: It's about someone named Wylfred who want's vengeance on the valkyrie, Lenneth, for taking his fathers soul. After the news of what happened, his chldhood is nothing but dark days. His family ended up in poverty, soon leading to his sisters death of starvation, which causes his mother to go insane(She traps herself in the days before the kids were around in her mind). With his best friend Ancel, he becomes a mercenary in hopes that he will get revenge. One day, he saves Ancel, almost costing him his life. While dying, he hears voices, then sees a flashback, rekindling his hopes for vengeance. Then, someone named Mistress Hel offers a covenent with Wyl, who accepts. Now, he must stain the the Destiny Plume with sin by sacrificing his friends to it for a year, and in exchange, it will give him power to kill the valkyrie. If he doesn't keep his side of the covenent, He will be sacrified to Hel's hound, Garm.

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clash, covenent of the plume, lenneth, swords, wylfred
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