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Dress Nice Night
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Title: Dress Nice Night
Characters: Duo, Quatre, Wufei, Heero, Trowa
Series: Gundam Wing
My Comment: I'm not sure how many people remember this series, but I consider it a classic so it holds a special place in my heart just for it (not to mention I just love Heero). With that respect and love, I started rewatching the series and thought to make a nice wallpaper for it too. I even cosplayed as Relena at a recent con haha! I'm crazy =D

Originally I wanted them to be standing by/near a window with a beautiful scenery outside of it. But I had trouble finding a good wall image to vector. I found some windows, but by this point I was rather tired and didn't feel like vectoring the window. So instead I came upon an image that had a arc with a nice, simply star-sky background. So I copied the idea of the arc, made it solid black so I thought have to worry about extra little details taking away from the other important things. Finally I made a galaxy-starry-sky background behind the black arc. After all, this series takes place in space and is easily familiar with that type of setting. Next I threw in the guys that I'd removed and fixed up from a scan I found here (link at end). I removed the 'noise' when they were at their original sizes so that when I shrunk them down to only 1000px high, it made them look much better.

As I was clarifying the image, their clothes took on a little more texture that was close to the original. However, the lighting and effects around them made the texture look good on their clothes and so I kept it. Considered and threw out the idea of having a gundam faded into the background. The original size I made this wallpaper was 1600x1200, but it left far too much black open at the top of the wallpaper so I cut it down to a 1440x900 wide wallpaper.

So for those out there who remember this series, love it, and like to see new wallpapers for it...well here you go! ^-^

[url=http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/409930]Original Scan: Duo/Quatre/Wufei
[url=http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/409929]Original Scan: Heero/Trowa

I didn't actually mean to keep them in "order" I had already cut them separate and was just putting them how I thought they looked best xD

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