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[Contain spoiler for those who hasn't watch Basilisk]

I remember the first time I've laid my eyes on Basilisk's commercial on ntv7 in year 2007(yeah I know, the anime's original run was in year 2005 and I only watch it in year 2007), I read about the anime thou from local animemanga magazine. The first thing that cross my mind is; "wow, this anime is very beautiful!" And since it's going on air at midnight, I have to stay up until midnight for the sake of watching the anime. The problem is, the subtitle was slower than the speech but I bear with it. I was totally awestruck and amazed by the anime, and I eventually felt 'in love' with it.
I couldn't catch up with the anime since I always felt asleep before or at the middle of the show, so I hunt down the manga in onemanga (thank you onemanga!) and I read the whole story in just a week. The manga changed my drawing style a little and changed my ideas for a story a lot.
I remember that I have to buy the DVD in the city, far from my town since my tow didn't have vast collection of anime CD/DVD. I bought the right DVD, but the subtitles was Mandarin (official language of China) and it's the characters were speaking in Cantonese!!! (another language for China & Hong Kong). Where is the Japanese????? D:
But I don't really care soon afterwards, and I bear with it. It's okay since I read the manga and I can understand Cantonese and mandarin a bit. But they cut too many *cough* parts in the anime...>.>

This wallpaper is dedicated to NekoTenshiEmi! She's having a birthday!!!! ^^

Basilisk Wallpapers
basilisk, emotion, gennosuke, iga, kouga, oboro, pure, pure emotion
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