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Wave Motion Gun Fire
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This is the first "Space Battleship Yamato" wallpaper I made since the death of SBY's creator Yoshinobu Nishizaki, and the fact that his adopted son Shoji Nishizaki now owns the franchise explains why I will be crediting Shoji himself as owning "Space Battleship Yamato" in credit text on SBY wallpapers from now on, starting with this wallpaper piece.

The image of the EDF Battleship Yamato used in this piece was cut from a scan of the front cover of the "Space Battleshp Yamato III Perfect Collection Vol. 3" laserdisc. Source for this is Erik's Anime LD scans.

Photoshop effects:

  • The colorful nebula clouds were done with the plasma filter.
  • The Add bevel filter was used on the title text seen on this wallpaper.
  • The image of the EDF Battleship Yamato used for this was modified with the cartoon filter.
  • The glowing light at the right corner of this wallpaper was done with the flame filter.
  • The planet was done with the sphere designer filter.

10:50 PM Canada EST

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1980s, battleship, leiji matsumoto, mecha, outer space, planet, retro, seinen, starship, wave motion gun, yamato, yamato tv series 3, yoshinobu nishizaki
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