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~Dont wanna mess with moi

Yays, my entry for Danni-chans, Tough and Beautiful! Meh, i wish i just saw the anime!!!!! But i know her name ish Yuki Nagato....i dont know if she's tough or not in the anime, but to me, she looks real quiet on the outside, but inside, she's hardheaded and really tough....hopefully. *touches scientific glasses* "If my calcualations are correct, then this proportional pice of art looks okay." Lol, i've always wanted to say something scientifiky!!!

I guess at school i'm reaaly tough, and everyone knows not to mess with me, not to brag but really. But i'm really sensitive if you get to know me, and just about cry at everything thats really sad. I wish i was at leats a little tougher when my friends say something mean to me...all i do is hold it in. I'm not saying that i cry every single day...i dont think i would have tears left in me if it was like that...lol...i'm just saying that i wish it wouldnt hurt so much when my friends or strangers or even stalkers say something mean to me, even if i know its not true. *reads what she just wrote* Oh, great! Lol, sorry for writing all that and making you read that(well, that is if you actually chose to READ it). Yay, dedicated to Danni-chan, cuz she is probably the toughest girl i know on here. (What a coinky dink! She made a challenge that had tough stuff on it as well! lol)

Hope you like it, Danni-chan! ^ ^

Enjoy! n.n

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Tough and Beautiful

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