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Jaronex asked for Axel Almer with Soulgain doing Code Kirin. Here you go. Soulgain doing code kirin is a screenshot from the anime. As is the background of this wallpaper. The rest is official artwork. It was tough finding a decent picture of code kirin, that shot I used is probably the most decent that isn't fan-art or straight from one of the games. rnrnAxel Almer is from the Shadow Mirror universe in the OG timeline, he has an immense hatred for Beowulf Kyosuke Nanbu's Shadow Mirror counterpart. This carries over to having a rivalry with Kyosuke when Axel meets him. rnrnAxel's mech is the Soulgain an awesome robot that lets Axel fight using his martial arts abilities and the Soulgain will mimic him. One of his most well known attack is Code Kirin, seen here, basically an awesome mecha shoryuken, He also has attacks where he basically throws a kamehameha as well. All around Axel and the Soulgain are the coolest of the cool. Also Axel's theme song Dark Knight is probably my favorite SRW songrnrnRecommended to see in widescreen if possible

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almer, axel, beowulf, code, dark, fighting, giant, kenpo, ki, kirin, knight, mustache, mustachioed, rival, robot, soulgain
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