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Friendship,Trust,Pixie Dust
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Here's a wallpaper I made featuring Tinkerbell and her friends. I'm honestly not sure what category to put this in because Tinkerbell has her own series of movies which she has to find some way to save the day. The movies are really good. I currently own two of the Tinkerbell movies. I love them a lot and I think they're really good. The animation in those movies is just fantastic and I love all the characters. Each fairy in Pixie Hallow has a specific talent they have and they use it to complete a task. Most of their tasks include like painting flower petals, capturing sunlight, making it rain, whipping up a wind, helping plant seeds for flowers and other plants, and taking care of animals. From left to right the fairies in this wallpaper are Iridesa, Tinkerbell, Rosetta, Silvermist, and Vidia. Iridesa is a light fairy, Tinkerbell is a tinker fairy and she helps fix things and make things to be used around Pixie Hallow. All the others do what I listed above. They are all good friends except Vidia. At first Vidia is really mean to Tinkerbell and wants nothing to do with her but she eventually comes around. I really recommend these movies if you're a fan of Tinkerbell. I hope to get the others in the series soon. I currently have Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure. The others in the series are Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue, Tinkerbell and the Pixie Hallow Games, and Tinkerbell and the Mysterious Woods (Release will be in 2012 sometime). I can't wait to get them all. They're all so good.
For my wallpaper since the image was too difficult to extract mainly due to the fact that their wings have such intricate little details. I decided to do a texture based wallpaper. I just faded the image over a few textures and applied a few brushes. I really liked how it turned out. I especially love the swirly brushes. They just give it something. It just makes me wish that spring was around the corner instead of winter but spring will come after winter like it always does. I hope everyone likes it. Dedicated to RSRKingdomStars who is a good friend of mine.

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