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Love Is

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I really haven't posted anything here in a long time... But that doesn't mean I haven't made wallpapers.

So I thought I'd start with one I was very proud of.

I fell in love with the image. I don't even remember how I stumbled on it, but I love these men!

This one has a certain level of symbology involved... The color overlays for each character indicate the noble clan they belong to: Kou(Hong) is Red, Ran is Blue, Shi is Purple, and Si is simply a variation on Shi (this could be a huge spoiler if you haven't read/watched the story...) so it is Indigo. Ironically, they tend to wear the color that is signified by their clan name...

Also, the text used for the overlay is several thousand words from my SaiMono fan-fiction "Utterly Hopeless//Utterly Helpless" (it's still in progress!) and it contains at least casual mentions of Reshin, Shuei, and Ryuuki... ^^

The poem was written (sort of) from the POV of a character not pictured in the wallpaper... It does make vague mentions of events in the story --well, pre story, I guess-- but could just be considered poetic language ^^

So! In case I forgot anything in the other notes...
~Fonts: Pea Missy Cursive, Acorn Squash, Times New Roman.
~Brushes: Filagree (still don't know where I found it >.<)
~Image: "Saiunkoku Monogatari" written by Sai Yukino, art by Kairi Yura
~Characters: Kou Reshin, Ran Shuei, Shi Ryuuki, & Si Seiren © Sai Yukino. Character designs © Kairi Yura.
~Poem: "Love Is" © SinsofMidnight ---> [dA LINK]
~Additional text used to texture: "Utterly Hopeless//Utterly Helpless" © SinsofMidnight [FF.NET LINK]
~Image cleaned and vectored by SinsofMidnight. [Most painful part of the process >.<]
~Original Image: found on ZeroChan. [LINK]

When I had trouble locating the original image... I've decided that you guys may have an epic series of "SaiMono" wallies headed your way...!

Also posted on my dA account: [LINK]

All the love to the girl who introduced me to the series and seduced me into is slowly!

The Story of Saiunkoku Wallpapers
Love Is, Reshin Hong, Reshin Kou, Ryuuki Shi, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Seiran Si, Shuei Ran, SinsofMidnight
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