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EYes Open~Katniss Ver.~
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This description is going to be crazy with links....

Image sources
Katniss Everdeen

District 12 image


Light Grunge

Night Action

Fonts Used
Supernatural Knight

Times New Roman

Fedaration DS9

Twilight New Moon


Song: ~Eyes Open ~ Taylor Swift

Now its time for the description of the wallpaper.
This is my 2nd entry | Go With the Music Pt. II | created by Bleachic. I was up late last night (had trouble going to sleep) and I decided to make another wallpaper for this challenge. I was listening to music and "Eyes Open" by Taylor Swift started playing. It is from the Hunger Games movie soundtrack. I really love this song.
The reason I like this song (and why it speaks to me) is because to me it is a song about overcoming the odds,even though they are against you. Just like they were against Katniss in the Hunger Games. She is in the Hunger Games fighting for her life while everything she does is being broadcasted out for all of Panem to see. (Is that too spoilerific?) but the point is she defied the odds like in the song. But on a more personal level it speaks to me because at one point I went through my own hunger games dealing with depression and trauma and trying to be normal on the outside but on the inside, I was suffering. This song is one of many that has been helping me through dark and terrible times like many of Taylor's songs do. Overall it is one of my personal favorites by her and it really tells a story to me. Another favorite song I love by Taylor is "Back to December". Such a sad beautiful song.
I know long description is long by this point but let me tell you about some of the thoughts that went through my mind while making this wallpaper. I had a favorite part, a favorite set of lyrics that I liked and really reminded me of Katniss's archery and I found this render that I've actually been wanting to use for along time. I finally got my chance. Plus I had a stock image of a forest and found an image of District 12. I was inspired by another graphic I saw that had used backgrounds based on the fandoms they were from. I don't remember where I saw it but it kind of planted the seed for this wallpaper. The most challenging thing was arranging the lyrics in the right way. I made them transparent so they would blend with the wallpaper but still be readable. Used a night action to try to capture the darkness behind the Hunger Games story. All in all I'm happy with how it came out. I hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper.
Dedication: MangaKid
Just because You're epic and one of my best friends here. I miss talking to you. *hugs*

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| Go With the Music Pt. II |

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