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Main Supernatural Poster



Song That inspired wallpaper (PSI-missing-Mami Kawada)


~Layers: 100+ Layers (mostly the lyrics)

~Completed over the span of 3 Days

~Made in Adobe Photoshop CS5

I finally completed this wallpaper, after working on it over the course of a couple days off and on. Let me say this wallpaper was quite a challenge and I don't even know how to explain my process when I completed it. But I will try my best....

Supernatural is in its 10th season now with a dark plot. I won't disclose any spoilers because there are some who haven't seen the previous seasons. But I wanted to make this wallpaper because I'm such a big fan of Supernatural.

As for the song, well I started liking/listening to it a few years ago. I just love Mami Kawada and many of her songs are just amazing. I felt that PSI-missing fit Supernatural really well because its lyrics talk about overcoming the odds, despite everything that gets thrown at them. And the song (to me) fit who the Winchesters are and who they've encounted (namely Castiel the angel and Crowley who is King of hell who also appear in this wallpaper). If you'd like to listen to song its linked above.

Basically Mami Kawada songs were my Playlist while creating this wallpaper. :)

The wallpaper itself took approximaTely two days to complete. Mostly due to the complexity in arranging the lyrics in an artful form so the served as sort of an extra texture and trying to make them blend in. The text alone consisted of about 50+ layers. The other layers were the extensions I did to the original poster.

This was my first wallpaper where I actually extended parts of the poster to make it more cohesive and flow better. I extended the road, the clouds, the light on Castiel's side and the firey type lava on Crowley's side. Overall I like how this turned out. This wallpaper was definitely a challenge but those end up being also being the ones you learn how to do new things too.

I hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper as much I enjoyed making it.

Dedicated to Katherine Talbot who is also a huge Supernatural fan here and all my Otaku friends. :)

EXTRA NOTE: I actually manged to fit all of the lyrics to PSI-missing in there. Can you read them all? Its also fun to listen to the song as you follow along with the lyrics. Cookies to anybody who can find all the lyrics. :D

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angel, castiel, crowley, dean winchester, heaven, hell, hunters, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, king of hell, lyrics, mami kawada, mark sheppard, misha collins, psi-missing, sam winchester, supernatural
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