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Title: Immortals
Artist: Fall Out Boy

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"They Say We Are What We Are
But We Don't Have To Be
I Try To Picture Me Without You
But I Can't
We Can Be Immortals

Alright! So after my computer froze twice and I had to remake this TWICE, here is my wallie for Clueless101's challenge "Let the Music Move You".
This final version of the wallie looks 10x better than the one I originally made. So I am happy with this version ^__^

When I read the challenge description I knew from the start which band I would pick :P I just couldn't decide which song to pick. I chose Immortals because I love the song and I love the meaning of it and how it made us root for the heros. The energy in it gets me going everytime I listen to it. It makes me want to get up and do something good for the world.
I first heard the song on Tumblr and then a few months later my twin sister begged me to watch the movie Big Hero 6. I instantly loved the movie. But that plot twist? I loved the main 6 who get their shiz together and get the bad guy.
I love how in the movie while the 6 were getting ready to go and get the bad guy they played this song over it. It showed them testing out their new suits for the first time. Some of it works and some doesn't, and they keep going at it until it worked. The song is perfect for the movie. It showed perseverance of the underdogs (Hiro and the team) and made us want to root for them.

One thing I noticed is that there isn't enough BH6 stuff!! I thought this site would be COVERED in this! I guess not xD

Dedicated to: clueless101. In your rules you said that we had to dedicate the wallie to someone. So I chose you! Hope you like it! ^__^

I hope everyone likes the wallie! I worked very hard on it! TWICE! :P
And now I think i'll take a bath and go to sleep! Unfortunately I have a big day tomorrow, so I may not be on here a lot tomorrow ^^'
Live Long & Prosper!


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Let the Music Move You

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