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Time to say {GOODbye}
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Ruby x Shinoa

Team RWBY | Team Shinoa | End of the world | texture | other texture | Rose behind text

Song: Time to Say Goodbye - RWBY (Sung by Casey Lee Williams)
BONUS: "Time to Say Goodbye" Piano ver. (which inspired this wallpaper as well)

Made in the Photoshops

Where do I even begin with this one? Well first off I wasn't originally planning a crossover wallpaper but it just ended up working out that way. After watching season three of RWBY I realized that it actually had a lot of common themes it shared with Owari no Seraph. I almost feel like these two different animes are interchangable in some respects. However they each follow their respective stories and have their respective characters.

Now here is where I explain the song that majorly inspired this wallpaper. It is "Time to Say Goodbye" which served as the opening song to RWBY Volume 2 respectively. The lyrics were what struck me. This song is my favorite from the RWBY series and it has a lot of meaning. It fortells a lot of plot for the RWBY series. I thought it perfectly summed up all three current seasons with its chilling lyrics.

How does this song relate to Owari no Seraph you ask? Well like Ruby, Shinoa too has found herself in kind of a similar leadership role. Yuu is similar to both Yang in the respect that he's confident and hotheaded and Kimizuki is similar to Weiss who has a cold personality at first but warms up to Ruby and her friends. Kimizuki becomes friends with his comrades and teammates.

Where the song comes in is that the lyrics illustrate the struggles between the humans and vampires and those who are using others for their own purposes. Hence the lyrics I chose to best illustrate both series and their characters as a whole. Both teams don't know if they're doing the right thing or if they are being used for somebody else's purposes. All characters in both respective series have to make hard decisions, face tough enemies, and essentially say goodbye to the world as they know it.

I apologize if this explanation makes no sense. I did my best to explain both sides of the series and their characters in relationship to the song. All I know is this song has a lot of meaning to me and I thought this would be the best way to illustrate the song with these two series. The wallpaper took me a couple days to complete, especially with trying to find the right images to illustrate my themes. In the end I like how it turned out. I hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper.

Dedicated to XxArrancarFanxX who is a good friend of mine.

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