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Tragic Goddess
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The moment I read of this challenge these these instantly came to mind.

The characters you see before you are none other then Mahiru Hiiragi and Guren Ichinose from Owari no Seraph and their story, Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at 16.

Why is Mahiru a tragic girl? Well if anyone payed attention during OnS instead of focusing on *cough*MikaYuu*cough* there was a part described in one of the episodes by Shinoa that Guren had killed Mahiru who had been his lover and plced her into his sword. What many don't know is the Light novel goes deeper into depth with their story where it is revealed that SHE, and SHE alone is the one reason he strives for more power, so he can protect those he cares about..and in the end she ends up dying for his resolve.

Why is she my favorite? I adore Guren as a favorite character, I've always liked the more parental fatherly like figures more then anything, and when I found out he had a light novel and I read it and I fell in love with him and Mahiru and how tragic their story is.

Render MahiGure 1
Mahiru Render 2
MahiGure Render 2
The fourth render I'm not sure where I got it as it's been on my computer for a while, will link if I find it

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Ladies of Tragedy

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