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Edit: This was meant to be a submission to the "~Memories~" challenge, but only just now did I realize that I actually didn't submit it ;A; So now I'm reposting.

Title taken from this song (which reminds me of my feelings towards high school, looking back).

I've talked before about how Haikyuu!! reminds me of high school, but I want to focus a little more in on that - it reminds me of marching band. Working together with teammates who become your closest friends, the tireless hours of practice, the intensity you feel when it's all on the line and you're finally putting it all down on the court, or, in my case, the field.

Despite Haikyuu!! being a volleyball anime, I wanted this wallpaper to reflect more how it feels to be in marching band. Hence the football field and the music in the background. I also wanted it to feel like a photo that was taken only a couple years ago, but has already aged a bit and gotten a few scratches, as that's how I kind of feel with these memories.

As in, with the last marching band show I ever did being a little under two years ago, the memories should still be relatively fresh, but with what how much has changed since then, they've gone and faded a bit. Still, these memories are precious and the friends I've made timeless. I just can't wait for them to get back from their LDS missions. ;~;

And, to better illustrate some of the memories I've made, here's a video from my senior year band camp (including some of the stuff we did, and one of our first final runs -- meaning we made a lot of mistakes. And yes, that was the summer of the ALS Ice Challenge) and here's a video of one of our mid-season competitions.

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