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Original SCAN

Autumn "ground" | Autumnish bokeh | Texture | Brush

Photoshopped by a Photoshop Wizard


Let me start by saying that I trolled through Minitokyo looking for a decent autumn scan but none of them honestly inspired me. They were either scans I've used once before or ones of half naked girls and I'm just like...no ain't working for me. So I just decided to do my own thing. Don't you hate that when you're trying to find that perfect image to convey your feelings about something and nothing seems to quite hit the mark? That's how it was for me.

The feeling of Autumn for me personally is one of longing and nostalgia. It is the time when I seem to remember most of the memories of childhood, starting school in late August, getting to see my friends at school again. I don't know, there is just something about this season that I love so much. I love seeing the trees change colors, but are sad to see the leaves die but they are always reborn each spring, more green and vibrant then before. I love the reds, oranges, and yellows of the leaves. And I like taking pictures of the trees with their colorful foliages. Just so beautiful.

.........read below dots for actual wallpaper related description is related..........

First off thank you SoulAnime14 for inviting me to partake in this awesome challenge. To tell you the truth I was hoping somebody would create an autumn themed wallpaper challenge and they did! So yay! And I made a wallpaper for it (obvs). Anyway moving on.

The wallpaper features Yuya and his 3 other counterparts: Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri

What I did was take a photo of leaves on the ground, added an artistic filter to try to make the leaves look more like they were in an anime or something. Just wanted more of a nostalgic feeling. And I guess the Yuya boys kind of fit the theme I had in mind. Leaves are default Photoshop brush while the shiny is from Obsidian Dawn (linked above). Took a little bit of time to get the right balance of textures. Overall I'm ok with how it turned out. I'm honestly not a hundred percent happy with it but I can live with it. May remake this at some point. Or I might make a better autumn themed wallpaper for this challenge.

Well I hope everybody enjoys what I made here. Did my best. Dedicated to Misachan just cuz.

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Let's Celebrate Autumn

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