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Hello and welcome to MangaKid and Ikemarth's Artist Cubby!
We hope you all enjoy your time here!

This is a world Ikemarth and I have created after our dear friend Angel Satina gave us this great idea! We wanted to create a place for artists to share their methods, experiences, tips/advice, ect. Its like a club in a community where artist friends can join even closer together^^ We will be posting anything such as our own step-by-step process of creating art, tutorials, art notices/progress, cool artistic videos, before and after pics of artwork, and simple tips as well as answer any questions that you post or have! We hope everyone, including us, will learn new artistic ways and become even more creative together as we experience each others' style. For new artists, we hope to help inspire you and motivate you to continue drawing!

Note: Check out the Cubby's sister world: The Otaku Fellowship by Aryia!!
If you are looking for tutorials on how to make wallies and ecards, please visit our friend Aria Sky's cool world The Ultimate Guide to Creating.
And if you're looking for a neat project to do, check out snow fox's Collaboration Nation!
And for additional awesome art tutorials, definitely check out ekaknr's Artist Cafe!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM MangaKid or Ikemarth! We are accepting guest posters, if you feel that you'd like to join and share your tips with the Otaku!

Rules+Guidlines: -Nothing inapropriate.
-We'd like you all to shorten your posts to new pages but you DO NOT have to shorten your profiles. Please post your profiles normally. We want the other posts to be shortened though as it'll be a lot more organized that way.
-You can post a chibi at the top of your posts if you'd like, but please make sure its small (approx. 300x300 pixels. A bit bigger then that is alright too.)
-No putting down anyone or making them feel uncomfortable (of course, we're all good friends here so I don't think we need to worry about this^^)
-If you join, you are not obligated to post (even though we'd LOVE to see posts from ya!). Feel free to post anytime or not post at all. The main thing is if you enjoy the club, learn new things, and make new friends :)

Feb 16/13-Thankyou everyone!! we've hit 11,111 views^^ Keep up the great work!

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KyraChan Profile

Ohai ._. I am Kyra, and I am glad to be part of such a wonderful community.

Country: 'Murica.
Age: 16

Anime/Manga: My faves are Welcome to the NHK, Death Note, Kuroshitsuji, Ou No Exorcist, Soul Eater, and Deadman Wonderland. My "Big 3" fave is Naruto.

Favorite genres: Mostly anything dark, whether it's dark emotionally (Welcome to the NHK), dark ideologically (Deadman Wonderland) or dark aesthetically (Kuroshitsuji). Anything with mystery or intrigue is also fair game. I will, however, try (and possibly like) any anime (OHSHC).

Art Style: I like to blur the lines between traditional anime and realism, with a few digital touch-ups to make it look more beautiful. I have also dabbled in acrylics, photography, and non-2D art such as stained glass, music, makeup, and writing.

Tools of the Trade: I generally use pencils, basic pens, and prismacolor pencils, with for my touchups.

About me: It was in seventh grade in which I decided I wanted to be a great artist, whether I get discovered or not. Much work and practice leads me here.

Non-art-related shtuff about me is that I love anything dark (as previously stated). I love romance, whether it be straight or shounen-ai. I am interested in psychology and writing, and plan to become an author. I am generally calm and mature, but once you get to know me, you'll see the little child in me come out.

Artist Profile: Allie Elric

Profile image pending.

I know I can get busy and I'll hardly post when I do, but please put up with me!

-Art Style: Traditional & Digital (preferred)
-Favourite Tools: no preference of system for digital. But pencil for traditional.

~Miscellaneous: I'm more of a graphic designer but have been drawing since I was in elementary. The first time I graphic designed was on Xanga making layouts and theO. I have come a long way, but one thing never changed: my infatuation for bright colors. I always seem to make my works brighter though it's not a characteristic I prefer of others' work.

My works:
tumblr art site. Online Shop - please buy & spread the word, thank you!

PS. I would love to be friends with you if we aren't already!

Artist Profile - Elricbrothersfan

Profile pic to come!

Hi there!
I’m elricbrothersfan, otherwise known as Elricz or Elric-chan. I’m super excited to join the Artist Cubby after having being invited by MangaKid.

A little bit about me:

Country: USA
Current Age (Jan 2013): 15

Anime/Manga: FMA, FMAB, MGL Nanoha, Nanoha A’s, Naruto, Fruits Basket, Solanin (a lesser-known fave of mine), Ouran High School Host Club, .hack//SIGN

Video Games: Pokemon Pearl, SoulSilver, Black, Black 2, Emerald; Style Savvy; Nintendogs; Crossword DS

Art Style: Traditional, occasionally I go digital, but not often
Favorite Tools: Ticonderoga pencils (which I am infatuated with, they are SO amazing!), Artist’s Loft colored pencils, cardstock

About Me: I only really got into anime last December, after having watched all of FMA and FMAB. I stumbled across theO whilst Googling fanarts, but didn’t sign up for a few months. I am SO glad I did! Though I haven’t posted a lot of my artwork (I’ve got major confidence issues), I love getting feedback on my artwork. I’ve begun to exit my comfort zone by drawing and submitting more, and I hope to always improve!

Artist Profile: PurpleMochi

Hello everyone! I'm PurpleMochi and I want to thank my dear friend Mangakid (or Jen) for letting me be a guest poster on this awesome world: Artist Cubby and also for telling me about theOtaku. Okay first off, the chibi character at the top is actually what I look like, ^~^ except that I'm not a chibi of course, but I really do have hair that long, and it's brown, and I really do have brown eyes and dress like that.

Okay, so first a proper introduction is in order: My name is Hannah but you can call me by my profile name, purplemochi. I want everyone to know that I am a christian, and thank the Lord that I am one. I love art, all kinds. Traditional and digital, paintings, sculptures; you name it, art is awesome^^
I started drawing when I was in kindergarten and stopped drawing at about 11 years old. I didn't start really drawing untill about 2 years ago (needless to say I'm not very good). I'd also like to give a great big, warm and fuzzy thank you to a good friend of mine (who isn't on theOtaku), who said the right words and encouraged me to start drawing again, Briana. You also need to know that I have two hamsters, and that they are cute and fuzzy^3^

Country: USA

Age: I was born on Sept. 16, 1992. Currently I am 19.

Art Style: traditional and digital

Favorite Art Medium: acrylic paint

Anime/Manga: I've seen too many anime shows in my life to name them all. I like studio ghibli films better than any anime I've seen anyway. I've only just resently started reading manga and I've learned that there's usually a lot more in the manga of a series then in the anime of the series, which makes sense if you think about it, since they make the anime off of the manga.

Games: All the Legend of Zelda games ever made, any of the old retro arcade games, and most crime and mystery solving games.

Once again thanks to Mangakid for letting me be part of Artist Cubby. Hopfully I will get better at drawing and be able to post something that will help anyone who comes on this awesome world, in some way.

Artist Profile: Itachisasuke

Heyo all~!

Finally posting in here >3<
First off, thank you to Jen for adding me as a guest poster! As well, thanks to everyone who has posted in here, many of them have all helped and inspired me along my art path.

Alright, so introduction part.
~Country: Canada ;D
~Current Age: 19

~Anime/Manga: I know a lot, so I'll just list the ones I really love! >3< Library Wars, Special A, Fruits Basket, D.Gray Man, , Bleach, Prince of Tennis, Runnoi Kenshin, FMA, Death Note, The Nightmare Inspector, Code Geass, Ouran, Kuroshitsuji, Hetalia, Angel Beats, Blue Exorcist, Code Breaker, Psyren, La Corda D'oro, Dear My Girls, Arisa, Twin Spicia, Shakugan no Shana, Record of a Fallen Vampire, and Barajou no kiss! XD

~Art Style: Traditional & Digital
~Common weapons on the paper: pen (for sketches), mechanical 0.7 pencil, pencil crayons (crayola usually), GIANT (white) eraser, paint (occasionally), Bamboo Wacom tablet (with photoshop and Sketchbook Express). On rare occasions I try clay/plaster, pointillism, woodwork and 3-D origami [Er, that's an art right?]:3

~Miscellaneous: Erm, I've been drawing ever since I could remember. I started out with stick people (don't we all), then I really dove into drawing animals (especially horses and dragons). I also enjoy drawing different types of animals (and tend to create hybrid animals X3). I think I went on to drawing animals until mid-grade 9 where I was introduced to anime/manga. I then rapidly drew in the manga field. I've been producing tradition manga art from then on, and it was not until this past December where I've started in the digital field. I still have a lot to learn, but I look forward to improving! :D
I joined theO in 2008 (not really knowing what it was) mainly to print out pictures and draw them. Not until 2010 did I return to start posting. I've met some really amazing people that have inspired me to continue with art. ^__^ And I believe that I will only continue to learn more~ :D Hope you've enjoyed reading this!