Artist Profile: PurpleMochi

Hello everyone! I'm PurpleMochi and I want to thank my dear friend Mangakid (or Jen) for letting me be a guest poster on this awesome world: Artist Cubby and also for telling me about theOtaku. Okay first off, the chibi character at the top is actually what I look like, ^~^ except that I'm not a chibi of course, but I really do have hair that long, and it's brown, and I really do have brown eyes and dress like that.

Okay, so first a proper introduction is in order: My name is Hannah but you can call me by my profile name, purplemochi. I want everyone to know that I am a christian, and thank the Lord that I am one. I love art, all kinds. Traditional and digital, paintings, sculptures; you name it, art is awesome^^
I started drawing when I was in kindergarten and stopped drawing at about 11 years old. I didn't start really drawing untill about 2 years ago (needless to say I'm not very good). I'd also like to give a great big, warm and fuzzy thank you to a good friend of mine (who isn't on theOtaku), who said the right words and encouraged me to start drawing again, Briana. You also need to know that I have two hamsters, and that they are cute and fuzzy^3^

Country: USA

Age: I was born on Sept. 16, 1992. Currently I am 19.

Art Style: traditional and digital

Favorite Art Medium: acrylic paint

Anime/Manga: I've seen too many anime shows in my life to name them all. I like studio ghibli films better than any anime I've seen anyway. I've only just resently started reading manga and I've learned that there's usually a lot more in the manga of a series then in the anime of the series, which makes sense if you think about it, since they make the anime off of the manga.

Games: All the Legend of Zelda games ever made, any of the old retro arcade games, and most crime and mystery solving games.

Once again thanks to Mangakid for letting me be part of Artist Cubby. Hopfully I will get better at drawing and be able to post something that will help anyone who comes on this awesome world, in some way.