Rainbows&Eclipses(BleachRP) Tatsuya & Yowai part One

Tatsuya Abarai Part One

The 6th division building was empty. I’d gone to visit my father but it seemed like no one was there… Not even Byakuya was present. I’d have to remember to stop by later and tell him…

“Well I guess I could go visit Yowai-Kun…” I told myself as I walked out of the building, waving goodbye to the guard.

I’d been friends with Yowai-kun since our days at the academy. He’d been the lieutenant of the 11th company for years now… I’ve been the 10th division lieutenant just as long, as I’d replaced Lady Rengiku. She’d seemed okay with it she’s the second lieutenant now… Just about a year ago Kenpachi-sama & Pink-Chan had gone off to a mission leaving Yowai-kun to tend to captain Kenpachi’s duties. Later we’d received word that an unknown enemy had killed both of them. Since then, he’s been the Captain of division 11… go figure. I’m happy for him though… He’s a good guy.

I told captain Toushiro that I was visiting my father but well… he’ll understand. I thought to myself as I approached the division building and pressed the button to page Yowai-kun.

His guard answered,

“ Hello? Who’s this?” came the guard’s voice.

“Tatsuya Abarai, lieutenant of the tenth company I’ve come to see Captain Yowai.” I replied using my most courteous tone.

His guard had always been weary of my visits, but once he’d gotten the okay from Yowai-kun he was okay with them. Just doing his job I guess…

“Ah, Miss Tatsuya. I’ll go tell the Captain you’re here. Come on up.” His Voice reminded me more of a butler then a guard, but I’d never tell him that. He is waaaayyy to scary looking! Yowai-kun and I often joked about how he’s scary on the out side but probably a teddy bear on the inside. When he was out of earshot of course….

I walked over to the gates and they opened enough for me to make it through. I walked into the room. It was quite large, the walls had scrolls with division symbols, the code of Shinigami conduct, and various other things. I stood waiting for Yowai-kun, just then I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Quite quickly might I add…

Yowai Part One

Quickly I walked down the steps to greet Tatsuya and to get away from my annoying if not somewhat cute, vice captain, Chi.

“ Sir! I need you to sign these papers NOW!" Chi yelled in her cute little tone.

"Not now Chi I have to greet our guest!" I yelled back.

When I got down the steps I saw Tatsuya leaning against the wall

"Yo, Tatsuya how you been?" I was very glad to see her for 2 reasons

One, I hadn't seen her for a while and I missed her & two, to get away from my annoying vice captain.

" Hi Captain Yowai I-" Tatsuya said.

"Tat how long have we known each other?" I interrupted slightly annoyed at her.

“Um About nine years sir…” Tatsuya replied counting on her fingers
"Oh that long so then you should know that just because I’m a captain doesn't mean you have to call me Captain every freaking time!" I said in an annoyed tone.
" Huh yes si- I mean Yowai" Tatsuya said
" So how you been Tat? Still fancy silver head?" I said with a grin knowing how she Loves that lil’ Ice captain of hers.
" Why you-" Tatsuya said angrily and hauled off and punched me!

I must say I was surprised at how strong she had got it actually hurt a little...
" Hey feel like sparring any time?" I said grinning even more widely.
" No!" Tatsuya screamed probably remembering the last time she spared with me. I laughed.
“So why are you here Tat?” I asked rubbing where she’d punched me.
“ Just visiting I haven’t seen you in a while Yowai-kun…” Tatsuya shrugged looking at me.
She was right. It’d been forever since we saw each other last, about 3 months I’d say…We stood there quiet for a while. It wasn’t an awkward silence, more like a pondering silence. But it was broken by moi.
“So really how are things with Toushiro?” I asked Tat’s face going from it’s usual pale to bright red. I laughed, at least she’d refrained from hitting me this time…
“W-why?” She asked seeming to have trouble forming words. “T-there’s n-nothing going o-on with me and the Captain…”
I grinned at her nervous answer, “You haven’t told him then?”
“Tch… figures “ Tatsuya was so predictable…Tat is so reserved and quiet that if sociality was spiritual pressure, she wouldn’t have enough to attract a weak hollow…
Chi came up behind us , “Hello Abarai-Chan.” She bowed then turned to me.
“Sir you really need to sign these papers Byakuya-sama is expecting them…” Chi was a good vice Captain but sometimes she really bugged me.
I knew I’d have to sign them eventually so… “Chi the papers please.” I gave in. Chi handed me the papers and I got a pen. “Here.” I said finishing up the papers. “Take these to Kuchiki-sama.” Chi had taken the papers when Tatsuya said, “Don’t worry Chi I’ll take care of it.” I looked at her puzzled. “You sure?” I asked thinking it was rude to impose such a task on her. She simply shrugged and said, “Nah it’s okay, I’ve got to go to the division six building anyways…” Ah, business with her father… Alright, seemed fair… “Okay then see ya!” I called as she walked away, “ If you ever feel like sparing just let me know!” She didn’t respond just simply waved back not turning around. Well back to my oh-so-wonderful captain duties….

( This story is Written by Sasuka14 & Saruna Kuromai if you have any questions Comments or concerns please comment or PM us)