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Tatsuya Part Two

That boy and sparing I swear… That kinda addiction has GOT to be hazardous… Well after my meeting with Yowai-kun, I decided to use a errand as the perfect excuse to go back to my father. I approached the gates again and the guard stared at me.

“Back again my lady?” he asked seeming confused.

“Yeah,” I replied, “ Lt. Renji is here right?”

“Yes he just got back with Captain Kuchiki. What is that?” The guard asked pointing to the large envelope I had taken for Yowai.

“Oh, these are the papers from Captain Yowai. I came to drop them off and to see my father.” I replied in the most respectful tone I could think of.

“ I see alright here you go Lt. Abarai,” the guard said smiling kindly and opening the gate.

“Thank you sir.” I bowed and went to find my father….

Alright now before you think anything further of me… yes, I am Renji Abarai’s daughter… And yes I realize I coulda said something a way long time ago… but I didn’t feel like getting into that right away, so meh. Any way if any of you reading this have been in the sixth division building (which I’m guessing none of you have because my gigai is the one posting this crap anyways…) it is HUGE!! I swear if I didn’t come here so often I’d probably pop up in china somewhere… AND IT’S REPEATATIVE!!! Hallway… alright… door, door, door, door, hallway, door, door, door, door, hallway, door, door…you get it right? It’s VERY annoying. Anyway thanks to many trial and errors I now know where my dad’s room is, so I walked through the long hallways to his door, and knocked.
A voice comes from behind it, “Who is it?” the voice asks it sounded like Kuchiki-sama…

“Tatsuya Abarai Lt. of the 10th company.” I answer.

“Ah, Tatsuya… Come in.” Byakuya answers and I open the door where sure enough, Dad & Captain K are sitting at the table drinking tea.

“Hey Tatsuya! There ya are! What’s up?” Dad says giving me a hug.

“Dad…air….” I gasp and he let’s go.

“Sorry girly…” he apologizes. Yeah dad calls me by his nickname for me… “Girly” … It’s a long story… anyway I looked toward K-san and handed him the papers.

“These are from Captain Yowai, sir.” Byakuya flips through the papers, reading them, nodding occasionally. He then turns to me.

“Thanks Tatsuya now if you don’t mind I’ll be taking my leave now Lt.” Dad nods and K-sama leaves the room. Dad turns to me…

“So any trouble lately? Fainting, dizziness etc.?” He asks referring to my reaction to the chemicals I somehow survived through during the time I was young.

My biological mother was a soul reaper as well, but she wasn’t well known and I think she’s dead now. Well I could care less, considering that since she didn’t want me she attempted to kill me with chemicals, seals and such as a baby. Needless to say that once Renji found out he had a daughter he went to go see her. My “mom” was found holding a bottle of some chemical (I forget what it was) and was pouring it into my food. My dad immediately took me out of that hell hole.

“No not recently… Thank god. Captain Toushiro doesn’t know about my ‘condition’ and let’s keep it that way. I might lose my position if it does get out.” I said worried about both my position and Hitsugaya’s opinion of me if word got out.

“That’s good… here,” Dad said handing me the familiar bottle of medicine to help with my condition.

“It’ll keep the reaction from happening for at least a week. When it wears out come see me again alright?” I nodded and took the bottle tentatively.

“ Thanks dad.” I opened the bottle and began to drink the medicine.

Ugh, I pray that no one reading this EVER has to drink this stuff… I’ve been drinking it for years and the taste still makes me gag. Honestly, this stuff is gross!! It’s a small bottle of grayish liquid and it tastes like…well to be blunt… crap. It’s like when you throw up in your mouth with blood, it tastes like that.

I swallowed the bloody ick, and handed my dad the empty bottle.

“Yuck ugh… gross.” I said wanting to gag.

“Sorry girly, I can’t change the taste…” He said cringing at my reaction.
I swallowed hard and managed to whisper,

“It’s okay you didn’t do this to me…” That really hit him hard.

“ I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that…” I said realizing that it hurt him to talk about her.

“It’s okay I just can believe the woman I loved would do this to her child…” Dad said sitting down.

I shrugged, “ Well I got you as a dad so I could care less.” I hugged him real tight and said,

“I gotta go I’ll see you later alright?” He nodded,

“Give Toushiro my regards.” He said as I closed the door and headed back to my squad…

It's done!! -Does a little happy dance- Finally!! Tune in for more this is a monthly thing!!