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This is a site for showing current contests. It makes it easier for you to find information about contests on theO. It makes it easier for you, as a contest holder, to spread the word and get more entries.

Having a contest and it's not on the list yet? Pm us with the contest information and/or link and we'll add it to the list! Please let us know if there are any changes :3

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Tutorials World

Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce you to:

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The Tutorial world has two main functions:
- Sharing and organizing tutorials made by theotaku.com members
- Asking and giving help to those who have encountered a problem

There is a list of tutorials shown on the world divided over two main categories: traditional art and digital art. There are subcategories drawing and coloring. The tutorials are listed in alphabetical order by name and a link to the tutorial and maker is provided.

Furthermore, people can become a guest poster and post their own tutorials or they can post a (unfinished) drawing and ask for advice.

The world is created by a separate account (tutorials) so you do not have to worry about unwanted updates.