This is a World i thought i would create in oder to get started getting involved in the Worlds things. I named it Developing Realm because that just what this is for. Developing the World itself, but also for people with developing ideas for anime or other things. if you got a problem, come on in as well, maybe someone here can help you out.

P.S. Oh and by the way..... I am NOT A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

Dex's Pub Closes, Something New opens!

Well, its been a while since the announcement of the final closing of Dex's Pub. The news and idea has had time to fester and grow, and while not much has been said as to ideas for the new establishment taking the place of Dex's Pub, that doesnt mean no one has said anything. But it would definitely help if someone did post their ideas....

But for now, lets just discuss some of the new things involved with the closing of one and opening of another. One good thing is that drinks might not be the only thing offered to the customers of Dex's Pub, as food may also be offered as well. Also, because of food and drinks and hopefully the slew of new people coming in with the new room, 'jobs' may b offered to some of you who are interested. Another thing is the interior design and purpose.

Many times before, in Dex's Pub, have the diverse group of customers asked for some kind of food. while before we have not been able to offer any food other than some snacks and maybe ice cream, we hope to have great tasting food with the new establishment. This little change also ties into the possibility of jobs being offered to those who are interested and willing. There will be a need of a small group to help keep the new place going smoothly with work and with customers. Bartending, welcoming, cooking and also chronicling will all be looked into. More details will be posted later, but if you have any interest, please comment AND message me, and we can talk about it in more detail now.

One last thing is the interior of the new establishment. Meditation areas, dojo style training areas, tables and chairs, some couches and other comforts will all be available. This will allow for more comfort in different areas for different kinds of people. Oh, and lets not forget the bar where you will order what you would like. Now, for the artists out there, i would like any interested to contact me about drawing up the new establishment and giving it a visual face. It would go very well for any who would be willing.

We look forward to this new establishment, but we also will miss Dex's Pub when it closes. But this should bring us all better times than ever before. But it cant happen without its people, its friends, its family. We look forward to hearing your opinions, any and all, bad and good.

take care!!!!

-all of us at Dex's Pub and the new establishment

PS please give us ideas on what name the new place shall be called. we need them desperately.