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I looked throughout my life. And yet, I find nothing. Nothing can keep me moving on, moving on to see my light. But, I don't really know what I'm looking for, what I am seeking in my life. A life? Love? Happiness? I'm pretty sure that I lack those things. I lack many those very things. I can't find my path. I'll never love. I'll never be happy. Not until I find someone to show me that. Maybe there is something to show me those things. They will teach me all of them. I always smile at them, hoping that I understand what I mean. I smile because I'm sad. I laugh because I am hurt. I feel like I am shut away in my dark realm. My dark realm of emptyness and sorrow. No one can help me now. No one will help me smile bacuse I'm happy. No one will make me laugh because I am in joy. I can't ever be helped. I cant ever feel loved nor happy. I'm all alone. Alone in my realm of darkness.

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Lost Memories Part 2

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~Ten Years Ago~
Feliciana lies on her bed, staring straight at her ceiling. It’s been five years since she became a human. Well, not entirely. As soon as a country leaves its position, they don’t age, nor die of starvation until at least five years later. She looks at her ceiling and frowns. During those five years, she has never left her apartment. She left the Italy household a long time ago and left Chiara alone once again. Her heart ached at the thought of it. She never left her apartment because she felt very depressed. Not even her obsession of pasta could get her out of it. She has turned pale and very thin because her anorexia. She hasn’t even eaten in five years. Pasta. Pizza. Anything Italian and delicious. Nothing. Ever since that meeting. Ever since she betrayed her friends, her family, her love. Tears began to stroll down her eyes and she wiped them with her pale and skinny arm. She felt really depressed since that day. That day was a day of torture to her. She sat up from her bed, looking over to the side and saw that it is now almost midnight. She frowns once again and lied back down, now beginning to sleep.
She was in a meeting. She looked down at herself and saw that she was in her old Italian Military uniform. She frowns at herself and looked back up. There, she saw someone very special to her. Someone to whom she loved when they first met. It was Japan. Her face paled at the sight of him. Probably by now, he must’ve forgotten about her or that he must hate her by now. She opened her mouth to speak, only finding out that she couldn’t at all. She tried to speak again. Nothing. In the end, she gave up and just stared at him, her eyes swelling up with tears. Japan tilted his head in a bit of confusion and took a step forward, making her take a step backward.
“I’m sorry, Japan,” Feliciana thought to herself. Japan stopped walking as if he heard the thought, “I can’t be with you anymore… You can’t love a human. You can’t love me..” Japan looked at her, frowning at her thought. He lowered his head down, his bangs covering his eyes. He nodded at her as if he knew what she said. He looked back up at her once more before smiling sadly, “I’ll still love you… Even if you are human,” he waved at her, now disappearing slowly. Feliciana widens her eyes and ran to him, “Japan!” She tried to yell, still no sound.
She wanted him to stay. She wanted him to stay by her side, to laugh together, to love each other. As Japan continues to wave at her, Feliciana still continued to run towards him. As she wrapped her arms around him, she began to cry, finally able to speak, “Please don’t leave, Japan! Please stay! Stay with me!” She cried, hiding her face in his chest.
Japan’s face was surprised at this. He sighed a bit and patted her head, leaving out the curl, “I won’t leave you. I never will.” He gave her a hug as he disappears. Feliciana gave him a hug back until he disappeared. Her eyes widened as he disappeared from her life forever. She shook all over and fell to her knees, her arms still open wide from the hug. Tears slowly came down from her eyes and she hid her face in her hands, crying as he left her. “Japan!” She cried out. She heard no answer, “Japan!” She repeated. No answer.
She jolted awake, sweating all over. As she woke up, she yelled, “Japan!” She looked down at her trembling hands and frowns. “Who.. Who was that?” She looks down at her bed then at her clock. It read, “1:30 am” She sighs and got to the side of her bed and stood up. “Who was that man? He was… my friend? No.. I don’t know him, I can’t call him as a friend.” She stood up and walked to the bathroom. Looking at herself in the mirror, she saw that her hair was a mess and her face was covered in tears.
“Have I been crying while I was sleeping?” She frowned a bit and wiped her tears away, “But.. What did I dream to make me cry?” She tries to think it over on what she dreamt. That dream was nothing but a faze to her. She then noticed more tears strolling down from her cheeks. As she realized that she was crying again, she slumped to the floor and hugged her knees, covering her face in them, “What was that dream? Why can’t I remember?!”
Her whole body began to shake as she tried to remember, “Why am I crying? There’s nothing to be sad about!” After a while, she looked dully at her bathroom wall. Her eyes were blank and lacks emotion. She then stood up and wiped the tears from her face with her pale and thin arm. While she was at that, she heard her stomach growl furiously. She stood up and groaned in pain a bit. The Italian female patted her stomach, “Don’t worry,” she said, already forgetting why she was crying, “I’ll cook right away. I feel like I haven’t eaten in years!” She giggles to herself.
She walked out of the bathroom with a smile on her face. Heading over to the kitchen, she began to make a feast for herself.
~Will she remember that dream? Will she remember who she really was?~
-End of Chapter 2-

Lost Memories

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Note that all the Girls are the Ukes and the Guys are the Semes. I couldn't explain it better. No smut as well. At first, they would say their Country names, then throughout the fix, they transition to their human names. I kinda hope you understand that. ^^;

~Ten Years ago~

"Ciao everyone," Italy said, standing up from her seat, "I'm here to make a very important announcement..." Her voice was a bit soft. Usually, it's cheery and always had the word 'Pasta' in every sentence she makes. Japan heard this and sat on the edge of his seat, a bit eager to here her announcement.

"What is it this time, Italy? Ready to surrender, waving your white flag of shame to me again?" England scoffed. She obviously wasn't paying attention.

"Im Serious!!" Yelled Italy, slamming her hands to the table with incredible force. Japan jumped at that and turned to England, who had the same reaction as him and everyone else, surprised.

"Please listen to what Italy-kun has to say, England-san," Japan said, turning to the the female Italian, "Please continue..."

Italy nodded and continued, "Si," she paused for a moment, looking down to the floor, "I am resigningy position as the representative of North Italy..." The whole room fell silent. Japan widened his eyes in pure horror, not believing any word she just said, "I-Italy-kun..."

"From this day forward," she ignored Japan, her heart was torn apart as if a dagger went clear through it, "I am no longer a country. I am now a normal human being using the human name, Feliciana Vargas And with that, Chiara will be given full representation as both North and South Italy..."

No one spoke a single word, just a few mouths wide open in surprise. Chiara stood up sharply and glared at her sister, "Ita... You're.. You're kidding right? Stop pulling jokes on us.." The Italian with the name Feliciana shook her head which made Japan tremble, "Sorry sore- I can't even call you as my sister anymore," She looks away, "I'm sorry.. But I want to be a human. I want to live a life. I want to see God, see if He's real or not," She looks at everyone before looking away once again, she can't even bear to gather up the courage to even look at them in the eye, Japan especially, "And besides," tears began to slowly fall to her cheeks, "In a few years, you will all forget about me. As if I never existed. Same goes for me. Only very few humans can know about you all, I'm not one of those few. No matter how hard you try, you can't be able to remember me, nor will I remember you.. I want to live a new life. I want to get old and be happy. I still am now, with all of you. So. Grazie. For everything. For all of my friends that I've made. For the people I love," she tilted her head, looking over at Japan. She then concludes the meeting, "I'll miss you all so dearly."

Everyone gathered their things and said their goodbyes to the new human. As soon as they all left, it was just now Feliciana and Japan. They kept silent for a while before Feliciana spoke up, "Mi dispiache, Japan. I really am very sorry for this." Japan kept quiet as she continued on, "I'll never forget you, Japan. You were one of my very best friends. And the end, I just threw it all away. I love you Japan. I really do. I'll never forget you. Though in the end, I will. But my heart won't.." She wiped away her tears that were falling from her orange-brown (?) eyes. As she turned around to leave, she felt arms surround her, grabbing her by the shoulders and turned her around to face Japan. She felt from his hands that he was shaking non stop. She began to cry. "I'm sorry Japan. I really am.." She looks over at him, crying a lot now.

Japan shook his head and said, "If.. If that is what you wish, Feli, then I support you... I.. I love you too.." He pulled Feliciana into a kiss. Feliciana widened her eyes before closing them, kissing him back. "Ti amo, Feli.." Japan said, using Italian to say it.

"Watashi wa Nihon, amarini mo anata o aishiteimasu*," Feliciana replied as soon as they pulled away for breath. She gave him a big hug before leaving for good. Japan stood where he was, waving her off. As soon as he is out of his sight, tears slowly fell from his cheeks and wiped them away. He then left soon after.

~Ten Years Later: Present day Hiroshima, Japan~

Ten quick years have passed for Japan ever since that forgotten meeting. He felt very empty inside, but ignored it. Ever since that meeting, Japan has been trying to remember about Feliciana, hoping that he will never forget about her. All the other countries, even Chiara, has forgotten about her two years after te meeting. Japan, on the other hand, never forgot about her until five years ago. Since then, he has never left his home or did any of his paperwork. He stayed inside his home, by ever wanting to leave until today.

He quietly walks down he streets of Hiroshima. He sees many people pass by him, bumping into him and alsmosr crashing onto him. They all apologized and left, leaving the Japanese quiet and emotionless. As he continues to walk, he saw on the corner of his eye, a sign regarding a grand opening to an Italian cafe just down the street. Deciding that he shouldn't go, he found himself automatically walking to the cafe. He sighed and just accepted. 'I could go for some Italian right now,' Thought Japan as he entered he small cafe.

A small Italian female greeting him as he entered, "Ciao and welcome to Feli's Italian Cafe. I will be your waitress and I'm also he owner if this cafe, Feliciana Vargas."

~Whose Name Is Feliciana Vargas~

Japan blinked a bit and nodded at her, 'Where did that come from?' He thought to himself. He stood for a moment, thinking in some other stuff when Feliciana interrupted him. "Sir? Your table?" Japan jumped a bit and looks at Feliciana, nodding, "Hai. Arigatou.."

She smiles, "No problem.." She walk over to Japan's table. Once he sat down, he said to Feliciana, "Have we met before? You seem vaguely familiar..." Feliciana tapped her pen in her lip, as if in thought. She then shook her head, "Hmm. No. I don't think so," she then says, "Alright, your name and your drink?"

Japan answered, "Ja-no. My name is Honda Kiku and I would like just a cold glass of water, please." Feliciana write it all down then bowed to him, "Alright, Mr. Honda, I'll have your drink ready soon." She turned around and left to get his order.
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FMA x Hetalia 11

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Winry and Feliciana sighed in frustration before noticing that Edward was standing in the doorway to the Kitchen. He looked at everyone with a confused look, wanting to know what's going wrong and what's going on. Lovino took a bite of his pasta, "Don't ask." Edward rolled his eyes and nodded. After all that's settled, they began to eat their pasta.

After the dinner, Feliciana had shown Edward and Winry to seperate rooms for them to sleep in. They began to settle in. In Edwards room, he was amazed to how big and roomy it is. There is a small desk for him to work on his homework with a large mirror hanging above it. The bed is on the side of the room. There were a bunch of pillows on it. While Edward was admiring the room, Feliciana smiled at him softly before taking Winry to her room.

Winry's room had the same design as Edward's but rearranged differently. Feliciana left the two for them to settle in. She met up with Lovino, "They seem to like their rooms." Lovino nodded, "Si. It feels like they haven't been in a house for years or something. But whatever." He shrugged before taking a sip of tea he oh so happened to have.

~Time Skip: The next day, Saturday~

Everyone came down for breakfast which was, of course, more pasta. Gilbert brought wurst and beer, which was weird for others to see that he brought beer and use it as breakfast. "Don't judge me, i'm awesome," was all he said before eating. During the breakfast Gilbert said to Feliciana, "Hey Feli."


"Ludwig's on his way here."

Feliciana froze in her place. Gilbert continued, "I told him about what happened yesterday. Except the fact about those wo finding out about us. He got worried and he's on his way here as soon as the meeting is over." Feliciana sighed with relief and nodded, "I see. I'll make him some nice pasta when he gets here.~"

Edward asked, "Who's Ludwig?"

Gilbert answered, "Ludwig is mein little bruder. Also known as Germany, the country that you two live in. He is also one of Feliciana's best friend and phisical trainer. He, Feli, and Kiku, also known as Japan, all train together for any upcoming wars. And believe me, she may not look like it, she is really great in fighting." Feliciana nodded, "Si. I am, but I choose not to fight. You what they say, make pasta, not war!"

"No one says that sorella," Lovino snorted.

"Well I say so!" Feliciana blushed with embaressment, making everyone else laugh. After they ate, Feliciana was outside stretching out her limbs. It's been a full month that she hasn't trained or fought, which is a good thknow whying for her not to fight. Edward came out to the front and saw Feliciana. She doing was doing some stretching exercises before realizing that Edward was watching her from behind. She stood up, "What are you doing out here?"

Edward shrugged and answered, "I got bored so I decided to go outside for a while and found you out here."

Feliciana doesn't know why, but she found herself blushing at the statement. She shook it off, "Yea. I'm outside. I decided to stretch because I haven't been given a good p.e. So I'm out here and training by myself." Edward nodded, "Ok," He paused for a while, "Gilbert said that you're good in fighting, right?" Feliciana looked at him, "Are you saying you want to spar?"

Edward nodded, "Yup. It's been a while since I got in a good fight." A really long time. Ever since he and everyone else came upon this world. Feliciana smiled, "Ok. If it's a fight you want." Edward smiled back at her and removed his uniform shirt. Underneath, he wears a black tank top. Feliciana has already known about his arm and leg, so she doesn't comment on anything. He and Feliciana steadies themselves. Edward made the first move by charging at her, he makes a fist in his hands. Feliciana dodged the attack by jumping backwards. She ran at him and took a giant leap over his head. She landed behind and kicked down on his legs, making him fall.

Before he hit the floor, he used his arms to pull himself up, jumping back onto his feet. "You're pretty good, Feli."

"Grazie. It would be better if I had my weapons though. But I like hand-to-hand combat much more," Feliciana smirked at him, using that as a distraction for her to charge at him. He quickly realized and grabbed her fist and threw her in the air. She squealed a bit as she was thrown. She made a flip and landed on her feet. Edward took the advantage and ran to her, he got her by her shirt and lifted her up, "I win."

Feliciana smiled, "Nope." Edward was confused at the statement when he saw her grab his arms and turned around, doing a flip. Edward was lying on the ground, "Nice one," he said, catching his breath. Feliciana smiled.

"Feli!" Someone familiar to her yelled. She jumped to her feet and saw Ludwig coming to her. "Are you alright? How are you feeling? What did Gilbert do to you? Are you alright?!" Ludwig said as he came up to her and grabbed her shoulders and shook her a bit.

Feliciana pulled away and nodded, "Si, Ludwig. I'm fine. Gilbert took me and Lovi home in time." Ludwig sighed with relief, "That's good. Don't worry me like that." Feliciana smiled at him, "I never intended to worry you."

Edward stood up and patted the dirt off him. Ludwig saw this and pointed at him, "Who's that?" Edward looked at him, "My name is Edward Elric, one of Feliciana's friends. Nice to meet you, sir."

Ludwig nodded, "Ja. You too." He observed Edward's appearance, "You sparred with Feli?"

Edward blushed in slight embaressment and nodded, "Uh... Yea. She won, though." Ludwig turned back to Feliciana, who he still has his hands on. He lets go and says, "If you won, you should try doing that more often in training." He sighed, shaking his head.

Feliciana said, "Si, Ludwig. I'll try to attend training!" She saluted. Ludwig sighed and rolled his eyes. "Well then, let's get inside. Feliciana and Edward nodded in agreement and followed Ludwig inside.

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FMA x Hetalia Crossover 10

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Feliciana nodded, tears swelling up in her eyes, "Si. I would've died. But as a nation, I will only live until the country falls itself. I only accepted the shooting because I didn't want to upset my people. They got what they wanted." She leaned against Gilbert and began too cry, "All those people. I killed them with my own hands. Men, women, and even children. I am nothing but a murderer. Just because my boss told me so." Gilbert patted her head and carried her, now sleeping in his arms. "That's all for today. I pray that you should not tell others about this. Please, we beg you. We don't want the same to happen to Ita again."

Edward and Winry both looked at each other and nodded, "Alright, we'll keep your secret. If anything happens to our friends, they'll have to answer to us." Edward smirked happily which made Gilbert smile.

"Danke," Gilbert said. He carried Feliciana to her room and laid her on her bed. As he came back down back to the others, he went back to his usual self, since all of the serious things are taken care of. "Alright! The awesome me is back!"

Winry jumped a bit and turned to Gilbert, "Who's back?"

"The awesome me, of course! Now that all of the serious things are taken care of, I'm back! Kesesesese!" He laughed. And with that, Lovino was coming from his his room and said in the middle of the stairway, "You're still here, potato bastard? Why can't you leave now before our house begins to smell like your disgusting food."

Ouch, That hurt Gilbert, "Ludwig's food isn't disgusting! It's delicious! And besides, doesn't it smell like enough pasta?" Lovino rolled his eyes and came downstairs and went up to them, "I heard from Feli that you guys know about us?"

Edward and Winry nodded, "Yes. We do. And we promised to not tell anyone."

"Good. 'Cause if you did, I'll kill you," Lovino said, staring at Edward, "You can't even tell your friends or Alphonse. No one shall know about us."

The two nodded, Edward raised his hands us saying,"We won't. We won't. Geez."

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Lovino nodded. After that, they began to talk about other things. Just random things like pasta, wurst, an argument about what tastes better, pasta or wurst. No one came up to a conclusion yet until they can smell something coming from the kitchen. They all stood up and walked over to the Kitchen and saw Feliciana cooking a big pot of pasta. She turned around and smiled, "Ciao everyone! I'm making some pasta for everyone! I hope you can stay over for the weekend!"

Gilbert said, "Ja! The awesome me will of course stay over for the weekend!" Winry and Edward looked at each other, "I don't know. We have to ask Roy if we can stay over. He expects us to come back as soon as possible."

Lovino nodded, "Why do you need to call the Principle for permission? Can't you just ask your parents?" Both Edward and Winry paused in silence. After that moment, Edward spoke up, "Well, let's just say that Mr. Mustang is our parent." The countries fell into silence.

"I see. You go call Mr. Mustang. The phone is down the hall," Feliciana said, heading out the Kitchen and pointing to where the phone is. Edward thanked her and he went to the phone. Winry stayed with the countries. Edward began to dial Roy's number.

General Mustang answered, "Yes? This Roy Mustang speaking."

"General. This is Fullmetal. I would like to request me and Winry to stay over with the Vargas twins in Italy for the weekend."

"Why are you all in Italy?"

"Uh.. The twins.. needed some medicine that can only be made in Italy. They are now starting to heal."

"I see. Well I advise that you should watch over them then. I fear something bad is about to happen."

"Yes General. I will watch over them." Edward hung up the phone and came back to the Kitchen. In the Kitchen, Lovino has his hands around Gilbert's neck. Lovino's face was bright red and he yelled, "CHIGI!! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY FOR YOU TO NOT. TOUCH. THE. CURL?!"

Gilbert was both laughing and choking, "I'm the awesome Gilbert! I can do what I want biotch!" Feliciana sighed in relief that it wasn't her. She then walked in the middle of the two, Winry doing the same, "Guys calm down! Gilbert, please don't touch the curl ever again. You know what happens if you do."

Lovino let go and huffed, grabbing a big plate of pasta. Gilbert was gathering his breath before saying, "I know. I know. I'm sorry Ita. The awesome me got bored."

Winry and Feliciana sighed in frustration before noticing that Edward was standing in the doorway to the Kitchen. He looked at everyone with a confused look, wanting to know what's going wrong and what's going on. Lovino took a bite of his pasta, "Don't ask." Edward rolled his eyes and nodded. After all that's settled, they began to eat their pasta.

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