hey, welcome to a blah blah site with oodles of lost personality xDDD

Eaten Alive

yup, that's right. i've been eaten alive by mosquitoes...or another insect that leaves swollen bites that itch. i've never had them this bad before--they're huge, painful rashes, bigger than quarters. i've had them since friday and my mom thinks they're gonna leave scares T^T but i'm just thankful i don't have any on my face.

i signed up to take another extra college course this fall: basic clothing construction = cosplay!!! i'll finally learn how to use a sewing machine @_@ and make some cool clothes. i'm very excited, and i was the last student admitted in--ha!
don't know if i've mentioned it, i'm trying to get into japanese 01 at the college level as well this fall--problem is it's already filled. the only option i have is to go the first session and beg the professor to let me in xD i swear, that's what the counselors say to do hahaha. the prof admitted 14 extra people into his last term though, so i feel fairly convident i'll get in.

on a random note, i really, REALLY wanna go to san francisco again T^T