Hello, my name's Nimbusoak. I'm not telling you my real name, so feel free to give me nicknames. NICKNAMES ARE COOL!
I'm a 16 year old punk rocker/comic artist/jedi from New England and I'm female, if you were wondering. For fun, I like playing video games, watching cartoons, taking my mastiff for walks, and kvetching about the idiots who run my country. I play guitar (badly). I have 8 younger siblings, which is why I'm crazy. I think.

Favorite whatnots:
Anime/Cartoons: Trigun, Blue Exorcist, Slayers, OHSHC, Cowboy Bebop, Teen Titans, Batman: The Anmimated Series and Brave and the Bold (I'm a Batman nerd , My Little Pony
Manga/Comics: Rurouni Kenshin, Hellboy, Naruto, Hopeless Savages
Movies (to name a few): Guardians of the Galaxy, Brave, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sunset Boulevard, Tangled, the original Star Wars trilogy

My new account is WildGirl1977. Check it out, you!


Kid's manga?

So my 11 year old brother is becoming interested in manga, and out of all the series I like I can't think of a single one that is appropriate for a fifth-grade boy. Does anyone have suggestions?

Wallpaper challenge

Stolen from Vanilla Cupcake. The idea is to make 100 wallpapers, with these themes. I don't know if I'll do it, but it might be fun.
1. Heaven and hell
2. Twins
3. Clouds
4. Rainbow
5. Animals
6. Robots
7. Music
8. Haiku
9. Money
10. Shopping
11. Friends
12. Family
13. Flowers
14. Geisha
15. Dancing
16. Snow
17. Fairies
18. Dragons
19. Forest
20. Fireworks
21. Butterflies
22. Space
23. Ocean
24. Abstract
25. Classic
26. Frozen
27. Royalty
28. Birds
29. Fate
30. Monochrome
31. Time
32. Power
33. Energy
34. Believe
35. Care
36. Heart
37. Sacrifice
38. Burn
39. Fire and Ice
40. Yin and Yang
41. Confidence
42. Trust
43. Rain
44. Apocalypse
45. Night
46. Stars
47. Illusion
48. Fairytale
49. Mirror
50. Shattered
51. Mask
52. Hope
53. Lightning
54. Poison
55. Kimono
56. Fast
57. Truth
58. Lie
59. Soul
60. Dream
61. Pirates
62. Metal
63. Growth
64. Innocent
65. Mist
66. Desert
67. Dance
68. Forgiving
69. Lost
70. Light
71. Alone
72. Mountain
73. Telephone
74. Train
75. Chains
76. Gold
77. Colours
78. Paint
79. Protect
80. Key
81. Disney
82. Sorrow
83. Treasure
84. Eyes
85. Danger
86. Magic
87. Puzzle
88. Ancient times (Roman/Greek)
89. Victorian
90. Lolita
91. Gothic
92. Isolation
93. Insanity
94. Genius
95. Crystal ball
96. Movie
97. Pencils
98. Photography
99. Memories
100. Windows and doors

Obnoxious jerks

I'm sitting at a computer at the library. I've had another long and stressful day, and what I really need is a few hours of just surfing the internet, listening to music, maybe watching some anime. Just relaxing, you know. Do what I enjoy. What do I get? I get to sit next to the two most obnoxious beings on the planet. They are probably in their late twenties, and almost definitely high on something. They are yelling and laughing at each other, playing music really loud, and they clearly think they are the two most clever humans to be born since Thomas Edison. They won't shut up. THEY WON'T SHUT UP. I feel awful.

Music world?

So I've noticed that a lot of people start world devoted to music, and as someone who pretty much lives in her own little rock-and-roll world, that seems like a pretty good idea. Would someone be interested in doing a banner for me? I can tell you what sort of things I would want on it.

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