A Gods Wrath

Story One

In the graveyard there lays a church. Broken down, rusted, and otherwise laid waist. All though there were graves everywhere no one rested peacefully in them. The hollowed out dead trees that lined the cemetery acted as amplifiers letting the screams of the dead ring threw them like far off cries for help. Just inside the gates thunder and lightning were crashing all around the church. Striking fear into anyone who came close to the sacred ground. On the inside of the decrepit place it was old and musky. Cobwebs and rodents filled it signifying just how run down and decayed the once holy land really was.

Though the church seemed unused in decades it however was not empty on this particular night. There were two bear like demons clad in traditional Japanese armor at the doors guarding it. Each holding spears in their tightly grasped hands and a look of disgruntled outrage across their faces, but these were bear demons they always had that look upon them.

Up at the front of the church at the steps a man sat on his knees in front of an altar. His clothing was black and shaggy like a street urchent. His black hair was a dissolved and matted mess in its ponytail from dust and dirt. “Please...no more.” The deep husky voice from the man begging rain clear into the silent church. His face was old and his brown eyes squeezed shut tears falling down into the void where his cheek had once been. A void of melting flesh spreading like a cancer disintegrating very fast. His eyes opened and he looked up at the altar pleading with his eyes.

On top of the altar a very grumpy looking Goddess laid on her side. Her pure white toga conforming to her body and the serpent made of gold wrapped around her arm seemed to hiss. Her head was propped up by and elbow and her red shoulder length hair splashed across her arm. She had a scar down her left eye and a smoke in her mouth. “Heheheh” Her giggles echoed making the blood in the mans veins run cold. Her eyes were glowing an irresistible green, luring a person to them.“The flesh will fall away...fallowed by the stench.” She sniffed the air. “The stench of death.” The woman smiled taking in a little bit of enjoyment in his suffering. She sat up letting her legs dangle off of the alter. Though it would appear to anyone like she was a minor demon in her the way she acted. However if one were to call her that, She would surly show them whose dimension they where in.

She took the smoke out of her mouth and flicked the ashes. Her lips parted as she gave out a rather large yawn. Almost like she's bored for being there. “Are you enjoying the rewards of your failure?” she said snapping her fingers

The mans face returned to the way it was before and he collapsed on all fours on the steps breathing heard from the pain. His head bent low, he spoke slowly. “Please my Goddess Tara...Please just kill me.” His voice was filled with so much pain and suffering. His head rose just enough to see her stand up off of the altar and descend.

A sharp look of fury crossed Tara’s face as she glared down at the poor man. “How dare you beg for death!” she screamed her voice cracked a little making it sound more demonic. She looked at him with disgust. “Who the hell do you think you are talking to!?” She watched him get startled and fearful. Her voice calmer now. “Only those that succeed are granted their wishes.” Her eyes looking down at him. She then smirked, mocking him. “Besides there are far worst things then death. You should know that by now, Jin.”

Jin’s body started to shake and his head slowly went downwards. In his head he did not know what she meant and he was scared. In five hundred years he had feared nothing but the sun and now this God before him. The fact she took sick twisted pleasure in knowing he was powerless frightened him that much more. She was far worse then any demon he had ever faced before. He was snapped out of his daze when she took him by the throat and lifted him in the air with ease.

“Like the Seakon prison the depths of my fathers hell for example.” A disturbing sadistic smile graced her lips. “A pit of despair filled with every morally questionable..” She took a second to pick her words “Type of monster and filth from every world. An eternity of pain and suffering.” She took a puff from her cigarette and blew the smoke in his face.

Jin went pale and a look of horror crossed his face as something in his head started to change from the smoke. he could now hear the screams from the hell pit in his head. He wanted to scream, to fight her. Anything to make it stop but he would not do anything for fear of worst punishments. His fears only grew when his eyes started to bleed.

“Oh yes! Fitting punishment I think” Her smile started to fade and turn jaded. “For letting it slip threw your fingers like that!!” Anger filled her voice again “From now on.. You will be known as an outcast. A failure. A FAILURE!!!” She screamed throwing him across the church into the already decaying brick wall. She frowned and slowly walked up the steps and sat on the alter again. She put her smoke back in her mouth that she had been holding to calm herself. “Now remove this vermin from my sight.” She yelled to the guards. They grunted and did as ordered.

“Mistress may have been too hard on the vampire” Said a male voice from the shadow behind her. It was low and flat. Completely emotionless like a doll if one could talk.

“Hmm?” Tara inquired as she laid down again taking a puff of smoke. She need not of turned her head she knew he was there. If she hadn’t known she wouldn’t be much of a deitie. She raised an eyebrow.

Out walked a boy wearing dark leather pants and a long sleeved white tied up shirt with belts everywhere. His blue shaggy hair covering his green and orange blank doll like eyes. “Twas only a pizza he dropped on the ground.”

“Are you questioning my judgment in how I run things in MY domain Yuki?” The red head closed her eyes and rubbed the lids wearily. She held out her cigarette to him.

Yuki silently walked to her and took the cigarette from her hand putting it out on his palm. He didn’t feel the pain a normal person would by doing it. Though the smell of his flesh burning did tickle his nose. “No Mistress. I would never.”

“Good...” She rolled over onto her back. “Fetch me beer” Tara demand in the way she was famous for. Though she was fully capable of making one appear out of thin air she much preferred slaves to do the work for her. It made her happy in a sick way.

“Yes Mistress” He bowed his head and took a step backwards into the darkness.