I know, I just keep switching my worlds. Now I'll take requests from people on theO to cut out characters,etc from scans. Some people will be helping, but please keep the need for clone-stamping to a minimum. All blank pngs that are finished I will post the download link on this world. Thank you.

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Storm Thief

The first book I am posting about is called: Storm Thief written by Chris Wooding.

Plot Summary: (many thanks to wikipedia)
The book opens with a scene of a seabird flying through the clouds. It falls out of the sky with exhaustion and crashes through a window, dying, where it is found by a strange golem-like creature. Then later that day in the other side of Orokos in the Ghetto's, the two protagonists, Rail and Moa, are sent on a mission to steal from the hideous creatures called Mozgas. They sneak through a large building and find a small box with different sorts of treasure within. Rail also finds an artifact that is known to be Fade-Science. They manage just to escape from the Mozgas and report back to the obese thief mistress Anya-Jacana. Rail debates about whether to give her the Fade Science but chooses not to. They depart and leave for their small living place. Anya-Jacana sends a small group of boys, led by her favourite Finch, to get the artifact off them. They arrive soon enough and Rail and Moa are trapped. Moa then puts the artifact on her finger and manages to fall through the wall behind them. She pulls Rail through just as the gang enters. They discover the artifact can open 'doors' though solid objects. As Rail and Moa escape, they meet a golem named Vago. He had escaped from his own master after getting beaten. The three proceed to discover the truth behind their unjust society.

I don't usually read sci-fi but this one was great!

I'm a vampire!