Alright, so here we go. Ummm, my name's Jack. I'm what's called a student of fire. Basically, what that means is that I'm a part of one of the most secretive organizations in the world. So, let me tell you some straight facts now. One: We're at war with the students of ice. The students of ice are kind of like our archenemies. They're trying to take over all the worlds. That brings me to fact two: Your world isn't the only one. There's other dimensions filled with humans and such. Students of fire and ice can travel through them using portals, which are basically wormholes through the dimensions. It's really cool.
Since we're at war, we are of course looking for allies in the fight, and here's a list of our allies thus far:
~Any Norse "god" and their allies/servants
~Any Greek "god" and their allies/servants except Ares and Hades
~Knights of the round table
~The tribe of the Iceiks and their allies
~The country of Herolade and Nameless, as well as their inhabitants, which include vampires, werewolves, deragons, etc.
~Anybody willing to help

~The army of shadow and it's allies
~The former Norse "god" Loki, his allies/servants, and the Norse giant tribes
~The Greek "gods" Ares and Hades, as well as their allies /servants
~The Greek Titans and their allies/servants
~The former knight of the round table, Mordred, and his allies
~Any monster alive, formerly alive, dead, or formerly dead
~Any enemy of the countries of Herolade and Nameless, which include foreign powers, as well as criminals
~The Dimensional Jesters
~The army of Darkblood
~Any willing, able-bodied soldiers

Those lists are growing as we travel and ask for allies, but we have some serious numbers stacked against us. For example,the shadow army alone once took us on for twenty-six years straight,but with a different leader.
War aside, I'll be writing in this thing about what's happening from day to day. This should show you why you don't want to be one of us.
Oh yeah, but before I start, here's some brief biographies of my friends and my main enemies.
~Cade- My girlfriend, who's smart, beautiful, funny,and good at fighting monsters. All are good qualities. She can control water.
~Zander- My best friend. He saved me from Batholith when it attacked me at school during English class. He seems to be a bit of a slacker, but he's actually one of our best members. He can control electricity.
~Jared- He's one of the friends I made at boot camp. He's calm, and works well with Zander in a fight. He can control wind.
~Keleigh- A former student of ice that helped me out after the students of
ice's initial attack. She's kind of like a female version of me, people say, except she has a different background. She can control ice and snow.
~Grace- While I was basically a fugitive from the students of ice, I met her. She actually is good with first aid and stuff, and is actually one of my best partners in a fight. She can control earth.
~Mark- The student of fire who's in charge of our forces. He's a good leader, and is the kind of guy most people would rather get saved by instead of me. He can control wind.
~Jason/Granshad- He used to be a student of ice, but decided to take an artifact called the shadow eye. He replaced his left eye with it, and basically became immortal. Now he calls himself Granshad and is in charge of an army, and gets more powerful by the second. Since cutting off his head doesn't kill him (I've tried, but he just reattaches it) we have no clue how to beat him. He thinks he's god, which seems a little conceited to me.
~Batholith- The monster that made me come here. He attacked me in English class and awakened my fire powers. I can only seem to be able to find him while I'm busy fighting somebody like Jason, so I can't kill it.

Now that I've said all this, I'm done writing for the day.

August 12, 2008

When I woke up this morning, I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Only now, eating breakfast next to Cade do I remember why. You see, students of fire, or at least the regular ones without titles, are organized by numbers, with high...

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