Heyy welcome to my Munchy world!! hope you enjoy this world and leave a comment or something and i just might go visit your world too!! ^^ well have a nice day!!!


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Trophy Case!?

what?! what's a trophy case for otaku!? i come back after like a few weeks and now i have 2 trophies...imma so confused >.<

New Year's Eve!?

ha ha I didn't know it was New Year's Eve today!! when did this happen? I can't believe it's almost 2009, I still haven't gotten around to thinking in 2008 lol. As they say: "time flys" (i'm not sure if that's the right "flys" maybe it's "flies"?) Anyways exciting shopping news lol I bought shimmer lotion fro the Body shop for $7.00!!! woot goo boxing week sales!! ALSO I finally got a pair of pink jeans from urban planet ^^ I had my eyes on those for awhile haha, although I'm sure my friends think I'm crazy for buying them I LOVE THEM <3 (and I love my friends too haha) I'm actually wearing them right now, that's how cool I am. I got a turquoise long sleeve shirt there too but I'm more excited about the jeans. My verry first pair of jeans, and they're pink...what does that say about me...>.> oh well that's all the news, so HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!! btw I have submitted 99 works of art to date, the next will be my 100th pic kiriban ( i'm actually not that sure what a kiriban is...hopefully i used it correctly) k bye bye! xoxo


Well, I'm pretty bored right now, and I should be sleeping but I'm not going to so I'll just be tired for work tomorrow morning...>.> I'm listening to more Varsity Fanclub...I've been listening to like nothing but them since I discovered them. Just 17 more days until their album comes out!!! WEEEEE January 13 is going to be like my second Christmas >.< Hey, i was just looking in the categorys and there is no catergory for Varsity Fanclub *tsk tsk* we really need to get one for them. News: I got a Twitter account today, although I have no idea what to do with it because none of my friends have it...AND I got a tablet. It's like Bamboo Fun Tablet model..CTE 450 or whatever... It's pretty sweet though, probably the best christmas gift I've gotten for awhile :D well I've run out of things to say so...yeah VARSITY FANCLUB JANUARY 13 GO BUY THEIR CD XD yes do what it says


Hi, I'm bored because I'm too lazy to do my homework, my blisters popped on my fingers so it hurts to play guitar, and my brother won't let me play piano because he's studying Macbeth -.- So now I am on the computer listening to Monster by Meg & Dia (which i have recently fallen in love with, the song that is) and typing to no one. Isn't this super fun. So my life, let's see...my friends want to do a secret santa, but they aren't sure so I still can't buy them presents for Christmas until they make up their minds. I have band practice tomorrow morning and the next morning I have to get up early for Mass Music as well and then go on a "Career Fest" field trip. By the way I am currently listening to angelica14's cover of Monster now on Youtube, and she's amazing so if you're reading go listen to her now 0.0 Yeah my life is not that exciting right now...so imma going to go on facebook now...byes xoxo