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hey ppl in otaku! i havent posted anything on otaku in so long=O its been a while hasnt it...lol!! anyways....otaku hasnt been that great as it was before. but im still trying to get used to the new look. in my opinion i liked the old version better. but anyways how is everybody doin?? i stillhave to find my friend from myotaku. i dont know if they still go on otaku anymore=( but thats why if gona find them=) well im on spring break right now. last week fried my brain. i had like test all week. but luckly i passed my pre cal test!! yay! i bet my break is gona be so boring but ill try to find stuff to do during my break^_^ ill probly go ice skating with my friends if theyre not busy. hope theyre noto_O lately ive been on gaia and watching asian dramas again. ive also been playing video games and reading mangas. but im not on the computer as much. i blame the hw and studyin...lol!! hopefully over the break i would upload stuff on put it on otaku i havent done that in a while. well this is alli have to write and talk about. ill try to update my site if i get a chance too. well talk to you ppl later!!