A Heartless Love

My first memory as a child was either horrible or short lived. Born to a scared mother and an abusive father, my youth was tragic you can say. My brother, Vivi, felt the same way. At first it was easy for us that father would only beat us up when no one is around. But mother was so scared of her husband that she gave in and joined father with the beatings.

Both Vivi and I envy other children who had better parents than us. We hated the beatings and the curse words that were thrown at us. We were so furious, that one day, we used knives to kill our parents. It was then that we became heartless. I missed my golden hair, I missed my clear blue eyes, but most of all I missed wearing clothes. Maleficent came in the scene, smiling at the blood and gore we have caused.

"You two will be very useful to me..." Maleficent reassured us. From that day on, I was Maleficent's favorite heartless. That meant special conditions like I get to keep the hearts that the heartless stole. One particular heartless, Ai, I kept her heart only to myself.

But everything changed when Maleficent talked to me on one unusual day. She talked on and on about secretly having a younger twin sister and how jealous she is of her sister's success. I tried not to sleep during the rant. Finally, Maleficent gave the order.

"I want you to go to the new world and steal both my sister and her boyfriend's heart!" The witch demanded. I walked briskly out of there.

"Bye Brother, see you later!" Vivi called out, wearing some crazy outfit for his mission. I waved to him and then waved to Ai. She never notices me. Once I went through a portal, I ended up in a strange world. It was big and green. The streets were filled with people wearing headbands. I slinked under the full moon's light and saw my target. A girl with light purple hair and a boy with red hair was walking together. I took my chance to sneak up in front of them. I roared a small scary cry.

"Heh heh, look how funny that thing is! What's it doing here, Gaara?" The girl asked the boy. Gaara looked at me with cold eyes and shurgged.

"I couldn't care less, Jess." Gaara replied, walking away. I got angry and tried to attack. This Gaara person had some strange sand after me.

"Dude, what's your problem?" I yelled. Jess pointed at me.

"Wow, he talks!" Jess exclaimed.

"Of course I can talk, silly girl! Now let me steal your heart!" I demanded. Jess grabbed me and took me to a toy store. Before long, I was wearing black and red clothes that were similiar to Vivi's.

"I look ridiculious..." I sighed.

"You look so cute!" Jess said, smiling. Gaara smirked at my misery. I wanted to die again.

"You seem very lost. Want to stay with me?" Jess asked. It was a choice. Either I go with the unpredictable Jess or the lazy, mean witch Maleficent. I chose the crazy one. I jumped into Jess's arms and hugged her.

"I'm keeping my eye on you, heartless." Gaara whispered, then walked away in the shadows. Jess looked at me and smiled.

"Since you're my summoning animal, what's you're name?" Jess fixed my hat straight. I still remembered my name exactly.

"My name is Jiji."
~Jiji(A Heartless)