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SandLover13~Head Writer
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All Around Main Hero: Jess (Universal)
All Around Main Villian: Concerto Mayhem (Universal)


  • Jessica of the Sand
  • Shukaku Ichibi
  • Misa Ichibi
  • Dark Shukaku
  • Naara Uzumaki
  • Komiki Hyuuga
  • Sarinda
  • Sudon Sobachi
  • Majanji Tigress
  • Cody Ichibi
  • Typhoon
  • Tsuki Ichibi/Yoshida
  • Yumi Ichibi/Yoshida
  • Yuki Ichibi/Yoshida
  • Katsu
  • Julie and Jojo
  • Kusa Tokubetsu
  • Karura of the Sand
  • Hotaru Chikumo (Jess' and Taro's son)

Plain Crossover

  • Prison (Vampire Demon) -Naruto and Original Anima/Manga
  • Bonejangles -Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride
  • Roulette -Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Kaa -The Jungle Book and Naruto


  • Shouji Koruai (Human)
  • Coda (Pafumon-> Kyaromon-> Kudamon-> Reppamon-> Qilinmon-> Sleipmon)

Little Shop Of Horrors

Crossover Shippuden (Only realted to Naturo Anime or Jess)

  • Kevin Skellington(Naruto/Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Jennifer(Naruto/Kingdom Hearts)
  • Flash the Hedgehog(Naruto/Sonic)

Original Anime/Manga

  • Vane(Vampire)
  • Rascal(Werewolf)
  • Sokaye(Alien)
  • Zida (Alien)
  • Hella(Wandering Spirit)
  • Angelo(Human)

Tokyo Mew Mew

  • Kikitora Mijiho (Mew Chocolate)
  • Riishu (Alien)
  • Sherii Sushi (Mew Cherry


  • Eliza/ElizaGirl (EggPlant)

Brutal Legend

  • Sal Valiant

Fiddler on the Roof

  • Kitri Weaver


  • Yin San

Kingdom Hearts

  • Akane
  • Jiji
  • Floyde
  • Gamex
  • Kita (Swordsman)
  • Takix (Kita's Nobody; SledgeHammer)
  • Maru (Ax-Man)
  • Rumax (Maru's Nobody; Swordsman)

Oliver & Company

  • Ro (Akita)

Wallace & Gromit

  • Kaffy Jacobson (Were-Rabbit)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Widow(Sorceress)
  • Negria (Giant Black Widow)
  • Bayou (Giant Deadly Viper)
  • Worm
  • Louie
  • Chicago
  • Poker
  • Spits
  • Sam
  • Willow(Skeletal Bat)
  • LongLegs(Spider)
  • Noose
  • Shadow
  • Illusion
  • Darkness(The Raven from Edgar Allan Poe)
  • Loe(Edgar Allan Poe's Cat)
  • Moogie Boogie
  • Marinda Heartloch(Witch)
  • Catastrophe (Wilt, Coffin, and Scratch's mom)
  • Unknown (The Headless Horsemen)
  • Jack-O-Lantern (A punpkin headed man)
  • Mary Skellington (Skeleton Pumpkin Queen)
  • Othello Boogie (Oogie's Grandfather)
  • Gabriel (Elf/Joker)
  • Charlie (Charlie)
  • Jess (Halloween Town Form)
  • Chida (Girl from Hanukah Town)
  • Comet (Reindeer from Christmas Town)
  • Cent (Death Crawler)

Interstella 5555

  • Julia
  • Ken
  • Hank
  • Issac



  • Cassie
  • Cleo

Beauty and The Beast

  • Jacque "Jack"(Gargoyle)
  • Cori(Coat Rack)
  • Peter(Palanquin)


Alice in Wonderland

  • Bongo
  • Smokes (The caterpillar's son)
  • Cheshire Cat

Pokemon Gijinka

  • Maggie (Mismagius)
  • Chu (Pikachu)
  • Hipoe (Hippapotos)
  • May (Mawhile)
  • Greg and Gina (Gallade and Gardevoir)
  • Layla (Latias)

Corpse Bride

  • Raoul


  • LoveStar

Michael Jackson's City

PetShop of Horrors

  • Mike the Black Leopard
  • Dangerous, Diana, and Death (Cerberus)
  • Alla Mapone

Little Rose Of Massacure (A prequel to the play Little Shop Of Horrors)

  • Kerrie Krelborn
  • Sony Philips
  • Freddy Philips
  • Richard Fulquard
  • Annie Morgarn
  • Arnie Scrivello
  • Micheal Mushnick
  • Mr. Bixby
  • Al Capone Jr.
  • Ronnie, Chif, and Bill


  • Reggie (Twoey's son)
  • Hotaru (Jess/Taro's son)
  • Yuki, Tsuki, Yumi (Ichibi Triplets)
  • Meko Kazekana
  • Echo Kazekana
  • Jane Yamanaka
  • Shamoji
  • Sensu
  • Ume
  • Chai Young
  • Arachnea Chikumo

Thir13en Ghosts

  • Gail Cyrus "The Tormenter (Ghost Hunter)
  • Mange (Beige Bandit)
  • Sage (Red Bandit)
  • Joe (Orange Bandit)
  • Seymour Krelborn II (Purple Bandit)
  • Lu-lu (Black Bandit)
  • Bebot (Blue Bandit)
  • Owen (Brown Bandit)
  • Sunny (Yellow Bandit)
  • Serene (Clear Bandit)
  • Cloud (White Bandit)
  • Gard (Green Bandit)

ReWritten OC Stories (With OC Cast):

  • Little Shop of Horrors [In Progress]
  • Alice in Wonderland [Cast Needed]
  • Flowers for Algernon [In Progress]
  • Romeo and Juliet [In Progress]
  • RENT [Cast Needed]
  • Matilda [Cast Needed]
  • The Breakfast Club [Cast Needed]
  • Amélie [Cast Needed]


A Heartless Love

My first memory as a child was either horrible or short lived. Born to a scared mother and an abusive father, my youth was tragic you can say. My brother, Vivi, felt the same way. At first it was easy for us that father would only beat us up when ...

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Author's Note:I was off writing the next part to the story when mom told me to get off the computer. So this is made up in my head. To make a long story short, Jess listened to DK's words and said "SCREW YOU!" Then she went out of Kyuubi's body and locked herself in Shukaku's room. To get back at Kyuubi, She wrote this story. Unfortunately, another one of Jess's powers is that whatever she writes or daydreams about comes true. So what you are about to read will come true. Thank you for reading.~Jess

Once upon a time, there was a scientist named Kyuubi. He was actually a fox in human form. He hated humans for no reason at all. He just wants them to be dead. So what does he do? Create a monster to destroy the human race.

"Humans are so pathetic. They don't know anything about the real world. But now, I would create life with these hands. God has created life. SO SHALL I!" Kyuubi yelled. He pulled a lever which sent electricity to the covered body. Within seconds, the body moved.

"It's alive, It's alive!!!" Kyuubi laughed.

"Would you stop with the yelling? It's giving me a headache!" The monster complained. The monster had blond hair and yellow eyes. It also had tanuki ears and tail.

"Aw man! I created an idiot. Guess I'll call you Shukaku." Kyuubi sighed, going to his room. Shukaku, however, took this chance to escape the home and go into the outside world. The streets were clean, the full moon shined in the midnight sky, and the smell of delicious food filled the air. Shukaku smirked as he went to a house with an open window. A large pepperoni pizza sat by the window. Shukaku grasped the pizza and ran.

"That was close!" Shukaku sighed with relief. He then ate the pizza, slice by slice. As he was doing so, he grew bigger and bigger. By the time Shukaku finished eating, he was fifty feet high. His stomach growled very loudly. Shukaku then went to other houses. He ate many exotic foods, grown in doing so.

Now we turn our attention to a castle up a high hill. A purple haired princess sat on the balcony. She watched the moon as she sighed. No one else was in the castle. Everyone there left on vacation and they never told the princess.

"I wish something will happen." The princess said. Suddenly, she found what she had been looking for. Across the village was a giant boy. A handsome giant boy. The princess yelled to get the boy's attention. Shukaku turned around and saw a beautiful and single princess. He ran to the castle immediately. He was the size of the castle itself.

"Hello, my name is Jessica." The princess introduced herself. Shukaku bowed in a noble way.

"Why hello Jessica. The name's Shukaku." He said. Jessica giggled.

"What are you doing in a boring village like this?" Jess asked.

"I'm rampaging through it. Every time I eat, I grow bigger. But it always makes me more hungry." Shukaku patted his large stomach. Jess looked at his yellow eyes and smiled.

"Mind if I tag along?"

"Okay, you can come with me." Shukaku picked up Jess and put her in his messy hair.

Meanwhile, Kyuubi woke up to find that his creation left the building. He called for his dim-witted assistant, Naruto.

"Naruto, release the hounds!" Kyuubi said.

"Shukaku ate them..."

"What about the guards?"

"He ate them too."

"Fine, we'll go after the idiot ourselves." Kyuubi marched outside. He went to the village and saw a terrible sight. Shukaku was playing with a human girl. Kyuubi was so upset, smoke came out of his ears.

"Baka, what are you doing!?" Kyuubi yelled.

"I was just-" Shukaku tried to explain.

"You were just making love with a human brat! Humans are disgusting and weak." Upon hearing that remark, Shukaku stopped.

"What did you just say?"

"I said humans are disgusting and weak." Kyuubi repeated himself. Shukaku cracked his knuckles with anger. He came closer to Kyuubi.

"Jess, close your eyes. You don't want to see this." Shukaku suggested. Jess closed her eyes. The sound of punching and kicking were heard. A giant burp ended the fight. Jess opened her eyes. Shukaku licked his fingers clean and used a toothpick to clean his fangs. It was the end for Kyuubi and the two lovers lived happily ever after.


Nightmare With Sand

Halloween in the Hidden Leaf Village was as boring as watching paint dry. Ever since the Nine-tailed Fox almost destroyed the village, mostly everyone was afraid to dress up in cool costumes. But on this Halloween, a year before the Chunin Exam, e...

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Sasuke and the Pepperstalk Chapter 1

Sasuke was in big trouble! Sasuke Uchiha is just your average ninja living with Sakura Haruno. What's wrong with that? He sold his teamate Naruto for a bag of 'Magical' chili peppers that would make his fire justus work. Sakura wasn't mad at all. She wanted Naruto gone. But Sasuke wasn't pleased and he threw the peppers on the ground. The peppers grew into what looked like a beanstalk that went up to the sky.

"I wonder what up there..." Sasuke said as he climbed up the pepperstalk. To his amazment, he saw a giant SandCastle on the clouds. He went up to the door and knocked. The door opened.

"Who are you?" A blonde girl up to Sasuke's height named Temari asked.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I didn't get anything to eat, so I wanted to come here." Sasuke said cooly. Temari let him in and gave him tomatoes.

"What is a Sand Castle doing in the sky? And why is it so big?" Sasuke asked.

"Gaara wanted to move here..." Temari started to say when a black hooded boy named Kankuro appeared, covered with sand.

"How's training?" Temari said to the baka.

"He going to be here any minute. He'd almost kill me if I hadn't give him sugar cookies." Kankuro panted then fainted.

"I thought your brother was younger," Sasuke said, "What's going on?" Temari wanted to say something, but loud stomping was heard that everything shook.

"Temari!" A voice echoed in the hallway, "You better make me something to eat."

"No time to explain, Sasuke-kun." Temari whispered as she quickly hid Sasuke into the kitchen sink, which looked more like an ocean to the two kids.

"Fee, fi, fo, fum. I smell the blood of a Gay man..." That voice echoed again moving closer to the room and into the chair.

"I'm noy gay." Sasuke muttered, although it was a little true. He saw who the 50 feet giant was. There, on the table, rolling his jade eyes, was Subuku no Gaara.

"Had a bad day, Gaara-sama?" Temari asked. Gaara gave her a glare, then nodded.
Sasuke was very suprised. This was the person who tried to kill him. This is the same person that made him angry.

But Gaara seemed different. Although he still hated Sasuke, he is nice to Naruto, Lee, and his best friend in the whole world. He also wore a different outfit. The outfit that he fought with Kimimaru.

Gaara looked at what his sister made him to eat. Baked ziti with pepperoni, vegetables, and anchovies. Anchovies were disgusting to Gaara with their salty taste and bug eyes. But he didn't want to get hit by Temari's fan. It would still hurt him if he was bigger than the fan. So he took one bite and swallowed it whole.

"Glad you like my cooking." Temari said thoughtfully. She went to the sink to wash the dishes. Gaara then had the chance to grab the nearest garbage can and barf silently.

"Go now, Sasuke!" Temari whispered loudly to the forgotten emo boy.

"Never." Sasuke answered. Temari wanted to whack him in the head, but then she would be in trouble by Gaara.

"Now that I hid-I mean finished my meal," Gaara corrected himself, "Baka, bring me Hinata."

Kankuro, who finally woke up, ran to Gaara's bedroom and brought a swan with Indigo feathers and Bakyugan eyes on the table. Gaara pulled out a picture of Naruto naked to Hinata's face. She blushed and laid 10 golden eggs. Sasuke had an idea.

"If you need me, I'll be sleeping under the table." Gaara yawned to his siblings. Then he collasped. Kankuro and Temari knew that Gaara sleeping was a bad omen, so they ran into their rooms. As Sasuke went to grab Hinata, a giant blue veined arm went to a glass case that said:

In Case Uchiha steals something, Break glass.

The arm broke the glass and grabbed a giant chainsaw. When Sasuke heard the glass breaking and chainsaw buzzing, he grabbed Hinata and ran straight to the door.

To be continued...