Rika's First Day At Ouran

This is my first official fan fiction. Please enjoy!

The sky was completely clear the morning I set off to register at Ouran Private Academy. I had been invited over by my cousin, Rengae, to attend. She said it would help my experience as a manga artist, since the school had so many interesting characters (including herself, I guess). I wasn’t expecting my twin, Anya, to be up anytime soon, since it was Saturday, so I took my time walking to school. I’d been traveling around the world, experiencing different cultures to help my storytelling skills. Our father was a wealthy art collector and the owner of a medical company, so we could afford to attend Ouran and this was my last stop before I went to Tokyo to study manga formally. I wandered into the school and registered at the office, wearing my usual tattered jeans, favorite hoodie, and my red hair in a curly bun. I was offered a tour, but I said I’d be fine and walked off to check out the school. There were strange banging noises and muffled yelling coming from a door I passed. I read the sign: Music Room. Out of curiosity, I knocked and opened the door, and what met my eyes, I couldn’t believe.

"You HAVE to move the piano by the far window because Rika can’t play without natural light!” yelled Rengae’s hoarse voice. She was yelling at two tall boys, one with blonde hair, the other with short black. Typical Rengae.
“Hey! Rengae, it’s fine where it is, don’t push them so hard!” I yelled.
“RIKA! You weren’t supposed to be here until Monday! We’re not ready! It’s great to see you though!” Rengae exclaimed as she ran to hug me. I dodged her super-powered embrace and watched her almost run into the door.
“You know I don’t like people running at me to give me hugs, Rengae,” I muttered. We’d gone over that a million times, since Anya was exactly the same way, so energetic.
“Where’s Anya? Didn’t she come with you…,” she said “You left her at the hotel, didn’t you.” She knew me too well.

“So this is the lovely Rika I’ve heard so much about,” said a smooth voice. A hand gently turned my face to the set of cool blue eyes belonging to the blonde from earlier. “I must welcome you, dear rosebud, to my humble host club. I am the president, Tamaki Suoh.” He kept staring at me and that made me angry.
Rengae, does he know roses have thorns? Or do they not in Japan?” I asked sarcastically in English.
It’s all part of his job, Rika, don’t take it to heart,” Rengae replied.
“Let me take care of this, Tamaki-san,” said a cool voice. Tamaki let go of me and I felt someone else hold my hand.

Why yes, roses do have thorns, but try not to unleash yours on to Tamaki-san too much. I’m the vice president of this host club, Kyoya Otori. I would like to introduce you to the other hosts,” he explained. Kyoya had black hair, longer than the boy I’d seen before, and wore glasses. I had the impression he was a very good host, good at acting, just like I was. He spoke English, so he was educated and he attended this academy, so he had at least some money in the bank.

“Thank you and you can speak in Japanese, I don’t mind,” I said politely as he lead my by the arm to a line-up of boys a few feet away. I winced. Did he have to take my ARM? I hate being touched. “I apologize. I didn’t ask.”
“Oh! It’s nothing,” I blushed a little. So he IS polite, quite different from that Tamaki Suoh guy.

“These boys are Mitsukuni Haninozuka and Takashi Morinozuka. We call them Honey and Mori for short. You’ll often see them working as a team to please our guests,” Kyoya-san explained while waving his other arm forward.
“You can call me Honey-chan! Okay! Can I call you Rika-chan?” said the cute little boy that was on Mori-san’s shoulders. I couldn’t say no to those cute, sparkling blue eyes.
“Sure. A pleasure to meet you both,” I said strongly. Rule number one, always be polite to people you want to get to know.
“Yeah,” Mori said in a deep dark voice.

“This is Haruhi Fujioka. He is our newest member,” Kyoya-san motioned toward a rather feminine boy. A girl in a boy’s uniform. So, he is trying to pull one over on me. I’ll play along.
“Pleased to meet you,” I said coolly, shaking her hand.
“Y-yeah, great to meet you too,” she said shakily.
“We do have two more hosts, Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin, they’re twins. Both are out with the flu. They should be back by next week,” Kyoya explained and released me.

RIKA! HOW DARE YOU LEAVE AND COME HERE WITHOUT ME!” yelled a familiar angry voice. I was covered by a dark bag before I had time to respond. So over-dramatic. She insisted she dress me for school.
"Rengae. Bathroom. NOW!” Anya screamed.
Around the corner, first door on the right! Great seeing you again Anya!” Rengae said happily. That traitor.

I was then put through Anya’s various rigorous hairstyling techniques and squeezed into a school uniform while Anya yelled how much I went against the ‘twin lifestyle’ despite that Anya and I were twins only by time of birth. We were exact opposites, put it simply, Anya lacked where I excelled and vice versa. I had always believed that school was a place for education and merely that, while Anya saw it as a fashion and social runway.

We fought over this idea for a while and I agreed that I would wear what she wanted to school when together and she would take her studies seriously in exchange. Anya then shoved me back to the host club, dressed up and hair completely in curls.
“I present to you! The Tsukasa sisters!” Rengae said, she was obviously pleased with this. My eyes met with those of the host members. Each one of them looked rather pleased, and Kyoya-san’s face had a strange pink hint to it.
“Very beautiful! Now to introduce you to the school! I’ll take Anya-san and Kyoya, you can take Rika-san!” Tamaki-san said, bowing dramatically.

“I want to go with him! The other guy with black hair!” Anya exclaimed. She obviously thought he was the cutest.
“Ah, well, sure,” Tamaki-san said. He quickly retreated to a dark corner to sulk.
“Come, the school awaits,” Kyoya-san said, offering his arm. I took it with regret. We quickly walked outside the building and onto the school grounds.
“Ouran is known for it’s beautiful gardens,” Kyoya-san said. He had us sit down under some trees. I was getting bored already.
“Don’t stress yourself. I already have looked up all the information I could about this academy and don’t need anymore,” I explained.
“I see. Then, how has your time been in Japan?” he asked.
“Great. Let’s get to the point, you want to know where I’m staying? Right? Rengae already told you though, correct?” I said, slightly annoyed. I hate when people beat around the bush.

“Very observant. Yes, you’re staying at hotel. I would like to give you better accommodations,” he said smoothly.
“Yes, I would very much appreciate it. Nothing is free, so I suppose you would like something in return,” I said.
“Why yes. I suppose. It would be one of my family’s many country houses. It comes fully staffed when occupied and yes, I would like something in return,” Kyoya-san replied. His eyes looked deeply into mine, assessing how much I would be willing to give in order to receive such accommodations. I’ll mess with him, this will be fun.

“What would you like?” I smoothed my voice out gently, just like any good deal-maker.

“You,” he said, just as smooth as I. He looked deeper, trying to figure me out. “In my Host Club.”
“I’m sorry, but I’m not like Haruhi-san, I’m not a person to cross-dress,” I said, almost laughing. “I don’t know what is wrong with you, but.” I felt a cool finger press down on my lips.
“No. I don’t mean that,” Kyoya-san leaned over me. “I simply want you to start a hostess club that will give its profits to MY host club.”

“There will be some conditions, of course,” I said, muffled. He removed his finger. “First, cut the host act. You will have to be completely honest and act normal around me outside the views of others because I do not want acting bothering when I don’t need it.”

“I understand, what else? You can call me Kyoya,” he said, still staring me down, trying to get all he could out of me. Already letting me speak to him informally, what is he up to? We talked long about the deal until it was made. I had seen it coming only because Rengae had warned me. He had actually already started publicizing the new club and set up host garden for us. He was one zealous businessman.

Note: Normal font would be considered Japanese in this fan fiction. A character SPEAKING in italics means they are speaking in English. If they're not speaking, in italics, it is their inner thoughts.