Dattebayo, everyone! My name is Uzumaki Naruto and I will be Hokag-

Sorry, but this isn't the world you are about to stay on. If you want adventures of Naruto Uzumaki, leave now. But if you like funky demons, music bands, mating, cool ninjustu, and awesome stories, then stay here...

Now back to the Intro...

Helllllllloooooooo Otaku! The name's Shukaku Ichibi.

Anyway, you have seen Gaara's past, present, and future. But that's not even the true story. Let me tell you what I've been through. No kistune-teme or demonhaters allowed! Have fun!!!

Kyuubi is here too. So he's gonna post here as well. T_T Why me? We run a biju club together. I hope you love both of us as we play and fight on the comic, club, and now, this world! My biju friends made their worlds as well...

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~Shukaku the Sand Spirit

Life of a Funky Demon

All demons and Humans alike have pasts. Some have good pasts, while others are very horrible. This story however is different. It all starts a long time ago in the Sand Village Hospital. A brown haired godess named Karura walked with a baby in hand. The baby had blue eyes and purple hair. Just then, the baby cried loudly.

"Shh, it's okay Jessica," Karura cooed her fifth baby that she had just given birth to, "Mommy's going to bring you back. I promise." She ran out of the hospital and met her former teammate. The man in white clothing had blonde hair and black eyes. His name was Shukaku Ichibi.

"Karura-Chan, what's wrong?" asked Shukaku. Karura panted out her breath.

"The Third Kazekage is missing. Another person is going to steal his place! I want you at all costs to take care of Jessica, please!" Karura pleaded. She placed Jessica in Shukaku's arms, then ran back to the Hospital. Shukaku ran with Jessica in hand. He ran and ran until he bumped into a man who was holding magical potions.

"My potions! You idiot!!!" The man yelled at the clumsy preist before him. One particular potion spilled on Shukaku's whole body.

"Sorry What's-your-face, I don't have time for this!" Shukaku yelled back as he ran out of the village.

"I'm the fourth Kazekage, don't you forget that." The man said mumbling. Those were the last words Shukaku heard before he was running in the desert. To make matters worse, a giant sandstorm started to kick in. What the hell!? Shukaku thought. With his bare hands, he protected the crying Jessica. The sandstorm made contact and Shukaku blacked out.

When the sandstorm finally left, Shukaku opened his eyes to see the full, yellow moon shining above him. Jessica clapped as she saw Shukaku. Shukaku smiled as well and he looked at Jessica in his soft, warm claws....Claws!? Shukaku gasped at the sight of his massive claws. This isn't real....this isn't happening...maybe I should go see myself in the Oasis over there. Shukaku thought as he walked slowly to the palm trees and the lake.

Jessica smiled as Shukaku made a hammock for her to sleep on. Shukaku then looked at his horrible reflection on his body. He was still in his normal height, but he looked like a beige raccoon with blue veins on his skin and yellow eyes with black star pupils. Now it makes sense. The potion, the sand, the moon. That's what caused this monsterous transformation.

"Oh my god," Shukaku finally proclaimed after staring at himself for so long, "What the hell am I?" Suddenly he felt a growing sensation inside him. Quickly, he left the area as soon as possible. In a flash, Shukaku grew up to a one hundred foot tall tanuki. Also, he gained a LOT of weight because of this.

"So much for my 20th birthday..." Shukaku muttered to himself. Jessica, who watched the whole situation, smiled like the biggest idiot in Japan. Shukaku loved to see Jessica's warm face. He picked her with his huge tail.

"You still love me, do you Jessy-Chan?" Shukaku asked, "Now I'm crazy. I'm talking to a baby!" Jessica grabbed one of Shukaku's huge claws with hers. Shukaku looked at this with tears in his eyes. Although he is a monster, one person still liked him. He kissed Jess on the forehead, then put her gently on his head. Suddenly, both their stomachs growled.

"Gee, I'm hungry. I wonder what we could find on this land..." Shukaku said. He then saw the Sand Village ahead. If the village sees him like this, they'll attack for sure. Somehow, Sand started to slither secretly in the village and steal some food.

"I can control sand too? Awesome!" Shukaku yelled excitedly. The sand came back with a heavy load of food. Shukaku ate it all while Jess drank chocolate milk in delight. When all the food was gone, Shukaku was full and happy. He burped, causing an Air Bullet to float in the sky. Jess took a nap. Maybe being a demon wasn't so bad after all.

"Ah, this is the life!" Shukaku relaxed, "Eating, drinking, having a good time. Being a demon really pays off." But he was wrong...

"GET HIM!!!" Someone yelled. Ninja surrounded Shukaku with weapons and clones. Shukaku then saw a familiar face...the fourth Kazekage.

"You!" Shukaku pointed at the man, "You and your stupid potions transformed me!!!" The kazekage nodded and summoned his advisor, Yashamaru.

"Brother-In-Law," Kazekage ordered, "Put this tanuki in the teapot. As for the baby, send her with the poor, useless orphans." Yashamaru nodded, then grabbed Jessica out of Shukaku's claws. Jessica cried.

"No, no, no!" Jessica grunted one of her first words. Shukaku got very angry. He pushed all ninjas aside and plunged towards Yashamaru. Chiyo, the elder, made complicated handsigns.

"Teapot Sealing jutsu!" Chiyo yelled. Shukaku got forced into a large, but tight teapot. After one year, he finally got sealed inside a human boy. But that, my friends, is another story to tell.