Pokemon Fire and Ice, Chapter 1

Our story begins in Quintilis City of the Dies region of the pokemon world. Quintilis City is the heart of the Dies region and with the hustle and bustle of city life many people in this town do not usually have time to think about becoming a Pokemon trainer. However, this hasn’t effected the thoughts of Haru. She has dreamed of becoming a great Pokemon trainer like her father and a wonderful Pokemon coordinator like her mother, and now with her tenth birthday gone she is now ready to realize her long time dream.

“Wow, is it morning already? I was so excited about starting my pokemon journey today I must have lost track of time”, Haru thinks to herself. “Morning Mom and Dad I’m going to head off to Octo Town to get my Pokemon from Professor Maple, Bye!” “Just hold on one moment Haru”, her father interrupted. “Your Pokemon isn’t going anywhere. You need to eat you breakfast before you go anywhere”, her mother added. “Alright, Mom you win I’ll eat first.”, replied Haru.
“So Haru, have you decided what Pokemon your going to get from Professor Maple today?”, asked her father. “Well… Let me think. I could always go with a trusty grass type Pokemon like Hazuki. Its supposed to be a wonderful friendly Pokemon and a great battler with its Razor Leaf.” “Your aunt’s first Pokemon was a Turtwig back when she lived in the Sinnoh region and Turtwig stuck with her through thick and thin. Of course you also cant go wrong with a graceful water type like I received from Professor Birch.”, replied her mother. “Oh Yeah!, I remember Swampert! She was a great Pokemon. Didn’t she evolve from a Mudkip?” “Yes she did and we had a wonderful journey together”, replied her mother. “Well Ritto does have style and grace which would come in handy in contests, and in battles it can win with its awesome speed and those great attack moves Aqua Claw and Aqua Bite.” “On the other hand if you want a Pokemon with great offense then choose a powerful fire type like my Typhlosin.”, her father added. “Right, Kayobi is killer with its super flamethrower and high defense and offence.” “Well I guess I’ll be off. Thanks for the wonderful breakfast Mom, I’ll call you when I get to Octo Town. Bye!”, Haru yelled as she walked out the door. “Good-bye dear, have fun and be careful!”, her mother yelled. Haru got on her bike and began riding off into the horizon.

“Ok lets see here according to this map it says I’m in Autumn Forest just out side of Octo Town.” “It sure is pretty here. It’s almost like fall stays in this forest the entire year, all the trees are beautiful reds, yellows and oranges. And with the sun going down it seems to give all the trees a golden glow.” Haru thought to herself. “I could stay here for hours just looking at the trees above me, but I got to get out of here soon though. It’s going to get dark soon.” Just as Haru was about to head on she hear something or someone rustling through the trees. “What the… W-Who’s there?” Just as she said that she heard a whisper. The tiny voice replied only one word- “ Aki.” And just as quickly as it came it was gone in an instant.