Pokemon Fire and Ice, Chapter 3

A few days later Haru and Ritto find themselves heading for Agustus City to get their first gym badge to start competing for the Dies Pokemon League. Along the way the find themselves going through Gold Meadow Valley to look for new pokemon to add to their team but have had no luck so far. “Well Ritto still no sign of any pokemon but we are going to keep trying.” Just as they were walking along the path they ran into a new face. “HEY! Wait up” the person yelled. “Hi there my name is Hatsumi! Do you want to have a pokemon battle?” she asked. “U-uh ok. That was a lively greeting, but ok.” “Perfect! How does a 3-on-3 battle sound to you?” she asked. “Sure that sounds gr--- Oh wait, I only have two pokemon.” Haru responded. “Oh well that’s to bad. You see I have this Ariados and I really need it to level up and evolve, but if you only have two then I understand… Maybe some other time. BYE” and just like that she was gone. “Aw man I was really looking forward to training you guys. Alright that settles it we are going to find another Pokemon if it’s the last thing I do” Haru yelled.

A little later Haru and her team had just about given up. They had almost captured a Breloom, Heracross, and even a wild Bayleef but all ended in failure. Just then they hear a small cry. Haru rushed over to see what was causing the commotion. Just then she saw a small purple pokemon with three leaves on its head running away from two wild Zangoose. “Who is that pokemon?” she wondered as she opened up her Pokedex. The Pokedex as a Springbloom, the evolved from of Jumpluff. Haru knew she had to help it so she called out Ritto to use its Aqua Jet on the two wild Zangoose and just like that they were gone in a flash. Haru turned to see the tiny Pokemon in tears after being shaken up by the traumatic event. Haru picked it up and assured it that it would be ok. However that was not enough for the tiny Pokemon it did not want to leave Haru’s side. So Haru decided that if Springbloom came with her then that solved both their problems, Haru had a third Pokemon and Springbloom could live with her. So Haru decided to catch the Pokemon. She threw the Pokeball and it caught it as promised. As she turned around she saw Hatsumi again. “Hey!” she yelled as she ran toward her. “I saw the whole thing. So now that you have a new pokemon lets put it to the test. Lets battle right here right now, you and me!” she urged. Of course Haru could not refuse so the two got ready for their match.

“Ok, Haru lets see what you got!” Hatsumi yelled. “I’m ready when you are.” Haru replied. “Alright, Rubear come on out!” Hatsumi said as the tiny rock like bear creature came out to join the fight. “Ok, lets go… Dusknoir!” Haru yelled as he joined the battle. “Ok, Haru no holding back” Hatsumi yelled. “I wouldn’t dream of it” replied Haru. Ok let the battle begin!

Pokemon Fire and Ice, Chapter 2

“Ok, here it is Octo Town! Now all I need to do is find Professor Maple’s Lab and get my first Pokemon.” “According to the map its only a few blocks away from the entrance.” She came to the lab only to find a big surprise. “I think this is it but it’s completely empty.” The entire lab was dark and the windows were busted open. She opened the door only to find Professor Maple and her researchers knocked out. Haru was completely shocked. Then she saw one of the researchers stir. “Oh my gosh are you all alright? What happened here?” she asked as one of the researchers got up. “I-I don’t know. All we were doing was getting the little Pokemon ready for the new trainer that was coming here today. Is that you?” the researcher asked. Haru nodded. “W-Wait! I remember now! We were getting the Pokemon ready for your arrival when all of the sudden we were attacked by a bunch of ghost pokemon. The Gastly and Haunters always come out at night but they never attack like this. Just as quickly as they came they were gone and they took the little ones with them.” “WHAT!? Your kidding me! One of my future Pokemon was kidnapped!?” Haru thought to herself for a few minutes and then it became clear, she knew what she had to do. She decided to head out and find the group of ghost pokemon and get the pokemon back where they belong. Just as she was heading out the door she heard the one researcher yell out to her. “WAIT! Come back, your going to need this” he yelled. Haru turned back to the researcher as he handed her four pokeballs. “The first three are the pokeballs for the young pokemon.” “And what’s the last one for” Haru asked. “Well if your going in to the forest at night to challenge the ghost pokemon you are going to need a little protection. This last pokeball is to be used as a last resort. When things get though use it on the Pokemon you are battling and it will catch it for you.” replied the researcher. T-Thank you” Haru responded. “It’s no problem I’ll stay here to aid the other researchers and the professor and keep a look out incase any of the pokemon return. It’s going to be a though fight but I know you can do it. Good luck.” Haru attached the pokeballs to her belt and headed off into the night.

It was very late out and Haru was extremely deep into Autumn Forest when all of the sudden she heard a small whimper coming from one of the bushes. She looked into the bush to find Ritto, one of the little pokemon who had been taken. It had many scrapes on it and was quite shaken up by the ordeal but none of its injuries were sever. Haru took the held the small pokemon in her arms and reassured it that everything would be ok now and placed it back in its pokeball. Just then Haru looked over her shoulder to find two Haunters heading deeper into the forest carrying the two other lost pokemon in their arms. Haru followed the two deeper into the forest and finally came across a small cave. She could hear a lot of noise coming from inside the cave. When she entered the cave she came across an entire group of Gastly and Haunters. She saw the two Haunters give the fallen pokemon to someone or something. The figure the emerged from the shadows to reveal a Gengar. The Gengar picked up the two pokemon and carried them into the dark shadow. Haru then jumped in to stop the Gengar but it was to late, she was stopped by the other ghost pokemon the second she stepped foot in the cave. The ghost pokemon knew they had to protect their territory and began firing powerful Shadow Ball attacks at her. Haru was good at dodging the attacks but knew she could not keep it up for long. She needed help, then all of the sudden one of the pokeballs around her waist began to glow and opened up. The Ritto she had captured earlier emerged from the light and was ready to fight even though it was already injured. Haru, knowing the Pokemon was to injured to fight, was about to put the Pokemon back when Ritto sprung up into the air and unleashed a powerful Bubblebeam attack instantly knocking out seven of the pokemon. It then began spinning around in a circle unleashing yet another powerful Bubblebeam which then took out the remaining ghost types. However the battle wasn’t over yet. Haru and Ritto ran into the shadows ready to confront the Gengar that had taken the Pokemon away. Then a few steps later there he was. Gengar was ready to take out any Pokemon who dared to confront it. It unleashed a few powerful shadow balls but each of them were completely useless. Ritto sprang at the Gengar with all its might and hit it with a powerful Aqua Jet attack. The Gengar was weak but still not backing down. It fired a Hypnosis attack which then but Ritto to sleep. Then taking the advantage of kicking its opponent while its down, Gengar began firing a set of the most powerful Shadow Balls Haru had ever seen. Knowing if anyone of these hit the poor Pokemon would be ko’d for sure. So Haru did the quickest thing she could think of… She jumped in front of the sleeping Pokemon and took the attacks for it. Ritto then woke up seeing her new friend protecting her. “Ritto, you protected me when it all seemed hopeless before, now let me do the same for you, Ritto you need to end this battle… NOW! I BELIEVE IN YOU!” Ritto then sprang it the air and hit the Gengar with an extremely powerful Shadow Claw. The weakened Gengar then fell to the ground defeated. However, it was not over yet. Gengar was defeated but the missing pokemon were nowhere to be found. The weakened Haru and Ritto then walked deeper into the cave till they found a dead end. At the dead end was a shocking sight. Gengar was not the one in charge after all. There before the two of them was a mighty Dusknoir.

The Dusknoir had used Hypnosis on the little pokemon and then used Nightmare attack to suck there power away from them while they slept. Ritto was ready to challenge the Pokemon at any moment but the two did not know what they where up against. Dusknoir saw the opposing threat and fired a Shadow Ball at the two weakening Ritto. But Ritto had a come back of its own using Aqua Jet which severely weakened the Dusknoir. Dusknoir, knowing it could lose at any moment fired its most deadly attack… a powerful Hyper Beam. The attack then fired but missed Ritto but was on a direct course for Haru. Ritto, remembering what Haru did for her, then sprang up and used its already injured body to protect her. The attack made a direct impact on the injured Pokemon and Ritto fell. Haru was in shock, she had to defeat Dusknoir and save the other Pokemon, but she couldn’t risk injuring Ritto anymore then she already was. Then Haru remembered the extra pokeball the researcher gave her. It was only to be used in emergencies and Haru couldn’t think of a better time to use it. Haru grabbed the pokeball and threw it at the weakened Dusknoir. The pokeball sucked it up and began shaking back and forth until it click. Haru had caught her first Pokemon! Haru grabbed the other injured pokemon and began heading back to Professor Maple’s lab.

The next morning Haru told the Professor and her assistances everything that happened. They were all shocked and impressed by what had taken place. Then after treating the Pokemon it was time for Haru to pick her new partner. “Do you know who you want?” asked Professor Maple. “I know exactly who. I choose Ritto to be my partner. After all we have already been through so much together we would make a perfect team.” Haru received Ritto from Professor Maple and headed off. With two new Pokemon with her, Haru’s adventure officially begins.

Pokemon Fire and Ice, Chapter 1

Our story begins in Quintilis City of the Dies region of the pokemon world. Quintilis City is the heart of the Dies region and with the hustle and bustle of city life many people in this town do not usually have time to think about becoming a Pokemon trainer. However, this hasn’t effected the thoughts of Haru. She has dreamed of becoming a great Pokemon trainer like her father and a wonderful Pokemon coordinator like her mother, and now with her tenth birthday gone she is now ready to realize her long time dream.

“Wow, is it morning already? I was so excited about starting my pokemon journey today I must have lost track of time”, Haru thinks to herself. “Morning Mom and Dad I’m going to head off to Octo Town to get my Pokemon from Professor Maple, Bye!” “Just hold on one moment Haru”, her father interrupted. “Your Pokemon isn’t going anywhere. You need to eat you breakfast before you go anywhere”, her mother added. “Alright, Mom you win I’ll eat first.”, replied Haru.
“So Haru, have you decided what Pokemon your going to get from Professor Maple today?”, asked her father. “Well… Let me think. I could always go with a trusty grass type Pokemon like Hazuki. Its supposed to be a wonderful friendly Pokemon and a great battler with its Razor Leaf.” “Your aunt’s first Pokemon was a Turtwig back when she lived in the Sinnoh region and Turtwig stuck with her through thick and thin. Of course you also cant go wrong with a graceful water type like I received from Professor Birch.”, replied her mother. “Oh Yeah!, I remember Swampert! She was a great Pokemon. Didn’t she evolve from a Mudkip?” “Yes she did and we had a wonderful journey together”, replied her mother. “Well Ritto does have style and grace which would come in handy in contests, and in battles it can win with its awesome speed and those great attack moves Aqua Claw and Aqua Bite.” “On the other hand if you want a Pokemon with great offense then choose a powerful fire type like my Typhlosin.”, her father added. “Right, Kayobi is killer with its super flamethrower and high defense and offence.” “Well I guess I’ll be off. Thanks for the wonderful breakfast Mom, I’ll call you when I get to Octo Town. Bye!”, Haru yelled as she walked out the door. “Good-bye dear, have fun and be careful!”, her mother yelled. Haru got on her bike and began riding off into the horizon.

“Ok lets see here according to this map it says I’m in Autumn Forest just out side of Octo Town.” “It sure is pretty here. It’s almost like fall stays in this forest the entire year, all the trees are beautiful reds, yellows and oranges. And with the sun going down it seems to give all the trees a golden glow.” Haru thought to herself. “I could stay here for hours just looking at the trees above me, but I got to get out of here soon though. It’s going to get dark soon.” Just as Haru was about to head on she hear something or someone rustling through the trees. “What the… W-Who’s there?” Just as she said that she heard a whisper. The tiny voice replied only one word- “ Aki.” And just as quickly as it came it was gone in an instant.

Pokemon: Fire and Ice Introduction

Hi! My name is Haru. I’m from Quintilis City in the Dies region. There are so many new pokmon here and plus four new pokemon types that were just discovered: wind, light, time, and sound. There are so many great cities to see in the Dies regi...

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