Pokemon Fire and Ice, Chapter 3

A few days later Haru and Ritto find themselves heading for Agustus City to get their first gym badge to start competing for the Dies Pokemon League. Along the way the find themselves going through Gold Meadow Valley to look for new pokemon to add to their team but have had no luck so far. “Well Ritto still no sign of any pokemon but we are going to keep trying.” Just as they were walking along the path they ran into a new face. “HEY! Wait up” the person yelled. “Hi there my name is Hatsumi! Do you want to have a pokemon battle?” she asked. “U-uh ok. That was a lively greeting, but ok.” “Perfect! How does a 3-on-3 battle sound to you?” she asked. “Sure that sounds gr--- Oh wait, I only have two pokemon.” Haru responded. “Oh well that’s to bad. You see I have this Ariados and I really need it to level up and evolve, but if you only have two then I understand… Maybe some other time. BYE” and just like that she was gone. “Aw man I was really looking forward to training you guys. Alright that settles it we are going to find another Pokemon if it’s the last thing I do” Haru yelled.

A little later Haru and her team had just about given up. They had almost captured a Breloom, Heracross, and even a wild Bayleef but all ended in failure. Just then they hear a small cry. Haru rushed over to see what was causing the commotion. Just then she saw a small purple pokemon with three leaves on its head running away from two wild Zangoose. “Who is that pokemon?” she wondered as she opened up her Pokedex. The Pokedex as a Springbloom, the evolved from of Jumpluff. Haru knew she had to help it so she called out Ritto to use its Aqua Jet on the two wild Zangoose and just like that they were gone in a flash. Haru turned to see the tiny Pokemon in tears after being shaken up by the traumatic event. Haru picked it up and assured it that it would be ok. However that was not enough for the tiny Pokemon it did not want to leave Haru’s side. So Haru decided that if Springbloom came with her then that solved both their problems, Haru had a third Pokemon and Springbloom could live with her. So Haru decided to catch the Pokemon. She threw the Pokeball and it caught it as promised. As she turned around she saw Hatsumi again. “Hey!” she yelled as she ran toward her. “I saw the whole thing. So now that you have a new pokemon lets put it to the test. Lets battle right here right now, you and me!” she urged. Of course Haru could not refuse so the two got ready for their match.

“Ok, Haru lets see what you got!” Hatsumi yelled. “I’m ready when you are.” Haru replied. “Alright, Rubear come on out!” Hatsumi said as the tiny rock like bear creature came out to join the fight. “Ok, lets go… Dusknoir!” Haru yelled as he joined the battle. “Ok, Haru no holding back” Hatsumi yelled. “I wouldn’t dream of it” replied Haru. Ok let the battle begin!