Pokemon: Fire and Ice Introduction

Hi! My name is Haru. I’m from Quintilis City in the Dies region. There are so many new pokmon here and plus four new pokemon types that were just discovered: wind, light, time, and sound. There are so many great cities to see in the Dies region and most of the cities come with their own pokemon gyms! There are 8 different gyms with their own badges to earn in the Dies region. There is the rock type gym in Agustus City, the electric type gym in Decem City, the steel type gym Maius City, the physic type gym in Novem City, the dark type gym in Iunius Town, the bug type gym in Martius City, the flying type gym in Ianuarius City, and finally the hardest gym of all the dragon type gym Apirlis City. Win all of the gyms and you can enter the Dies League back in Martius City!

Of course there are also plenty of Pokemon contests to enter! You can win the Winter Ribbon in Februarius City, the Spring ribbon in Maius City, the Summer Ribbon in Iunius City, the Autumn Ribbon back in Septem City, finally the seasonal ribbon in Decem City. Finally if you win the five ribbons you can compete in the Grand Festival in Sextilis City!

Now I’m old enough to go to Octo Town and get my first starter Pokemon from Professor Maple!! Yes! I’m so excited but I wonder which one I’ll choose? Of course you have the choice of three pokemon. There is the grass type Hazuki the flower rabbit pokemon. Then there is also the water/ice type Ritto the aquatic feline pokemon. And finally the fire type Kayobi the canine inferno pokemon. Ohhh…. they all sound so wonderful, “WHO DO I CHOOSE!?” Well I can figure that out later. The Dies region is a wonderful place to live full of adventure, excitement, new friends, and plenty of great pokemon! Well that’s enough explaining, time to go finish packing so I can head off to get my first pokemon and start a new beginning!