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Girl-Type Ranma!

Hey, just thought I'd post this here, too, though I already guest-posted it in Japan86's Cosplayer's Realm. I'm also trying to make up for the fact that I skipped 3 WHOLE WEEKS of posting on here!! *le gasp*

I've finished my female Ranma cosplay!! I actually finished it tonight! Well, except for her wrist bands, but those are optional (one would assume). So, I took pictures!

External Image
External Image

The shirt was made by my boyfriend Daku's neighbor, who is an AMAZING seamstress! The pants were bought at Wal-Mart. I actually had to buy an XL from the Boys' section, as the Women's section didn't sell any sweat pants with the elastic around the ankles. I've had the shoes for quite a few years, so I don't remember where I bought them. The belt is just a simple strip of black fabric. All I had to do for her hair was braid my own, which I do on a daily basis anyways. I'm going to go ahead and make the wrist bands, but I need to buy a set of snaps, so I have to wait. I don't have contacts YET, but I'll be getting them before A2F V.

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