Ciao everyone! Feliciana Vargas here! But people call me Ciana.. ^^ Here will be all the things that I think about the anime Hetalia! If you don't know what that is, One, look it up.... And two, why are you here? -not trying to be mean- Ok! *Ahem* Ok... I will repeat. This is where I put down my thoughts or what I'm thinking about in Hetalia.. For example, Hetalia Season 5!! OMG!! -spasm- ((That came out months ago... =____=))Sorry admin... ((Whatever..)) Ok Grazie!~

.-. Whoops...

Ok.. I haven't been on much because of various reasons... I went to a chatroom where an awesome family began! Well... that was last month.. Many things had happened.. Good things, messed up things, and bad things. That ruined our family.. Many people have been going to that same chat just so it doesn't go away. Our family.. England left, Prussia left (His Admin's fault anyways), Scottie left, Japan left, Germany left,and worse, mi sorella... I miss everyone and all the fun things that we did.. I miss the games we played (Mainly Truth or Dare), the fun we had, -cough-The Pasta Monster-cough- What? And that was all last month.. This month, I found another chat to be in. Many new friends have been made... That's why I haven't been on much... I'll try as best as I can to be on here. Also, family and relationship problems... Wow.. I got a lot of things going on.. Anyways, mi dispiace -hopes I spelled that correctly- for not being on! You still have my stories to read!! (If I ever finish them) Grazie!~