An Ode to Yamcha

Hello fellow Otakus.

Since ive always been an advocate of the character Yamcha, i thought it would be a cool idea to share with you all some stuff thats been on my mind for years now, and ive always been keeping my eyes open for the right time and place to bring it up and i think this post is a good place to start to take a look at the character know as Yamcha from Dragonball/ z/gt

1. What is it that people and casual fans of Dragonball/z/gt dislike about Yamcha?

--He was such a vital and extensive character in the original Dragonball, constantly changing and evolving as the story goes on. In the original Dragonball, he probably had the most character development out of any of the characters - including Goku. His attitude changed and so did his appearance over time. His battle prowess would also take shape as the series moved on - allowing him to take place in multiple World Martial Arts tournaments. Although he would never find victory in these tournaments, people should at least admire his will and passion to compete and do his best right? People tend to see his humanity as a sign of weakness, but through each saga of the Dragonball Universe he always finds a place to shine, even though it may ultimately end in defeat. His human nature isnt his weakness, but his diverse trait that makes him who he is. We cant hate him for being a human right?

2. Style

----- Anyone that has seen Yamcha's features can automatically see that he has style. In my opinion, this is another aspect of his diversity among the group of Dragonball characters. Although his Styles and appearence would change multiple times throughout the series to follow, he always seemed to look cool and ahead of the curve. Im sure most fans will always remember him for his long hair, which he happened to pull off better than any of the other characters, and i couldnt help but notice that as the Dragonball/z/gt universe moved along - how some of the younger saiyans would at some point have long hair (Gohan, Goten, even Trunks at some points). I wouldnt say that they are copying Yamcha, but i do believe that the long hairstyle represents freedom - which is a style that Yamcha originated and still prefects to this day wherever he may be lol. He also represented style in his clothing, especially his orange Gi. His Gi happened to be more loose fitting, with no blue undershirt and he also sported different footwear than most of the other fighters, which really set him apart. Ive also read online of accounts that the symbols on his Gi had been placed differently than the others in a show of respect towards those who had trained him (though i am unsure of these statements). Regardless, no one can take Yamcha's diverse and one of a kind style away from him thats for sure.

3. Purpose

----In the original Dragonball, Yamcha's purpose was clear. He wanted to get rid of his fear of women. As Dragonball moved along , his fear of women gradually dissapeared, and his purpose moved along towards helping Goku on his adventures against foes, and everyday problems. He also found himself becoming a better martial artist with extensive training on his own and is often praised in the original dragonball by many of the other characters as "greatly imporoving" and always getting better. Though he would be humbled by losses at each World Martial Arts tournaments in the original Dragonball saga - He never gave up and he always kept trying to get better. His attitude never faultered. When Dragonball Z rolled around, it was great to see that he was as excited and outgoing as ever, especially on the baseball field (which also shows the good natured side of his humanity), and he always seemed to be the life of the crowd when he was with Goku and the gang. It was also great to see that his skills had increased as well, with the help of Kami, Mr Popo, Master Roshi etc. But as the Saiyans became more dominant in the battle for Earth which ended in his first death, His purpose took a pretty big hit. Though he would be wished back to life, He and some of the other Earthlings' purposes would never be the same or as important as the series moved along, being limited to comedic situations, or brutal attacks by new enemies. Yamcha was always there though, and i believe the Cell saga is where he would finall bring his purpose full circle.

4. Full Cirlce

----I personally believe that Yamcha's character came full cirlce towards the end of the Cell saga. Though most casual fans of Dragonball Z will often say that all he did was get beat up. What most fans fail to realize or even care to remember is that Yamcha (along with the other earthlings) took just as much punishment as Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo from the Cell jr.s, and at one point even teamed up with Tien to help Protect Goku. His display of courage would also shine when he and Tien would go back to Ground Zero to help Gohan against Cell - an action that meant certain doom, but they went anyways. Through these actions Yamcha showed passion, heart and the will of a Hero that people tend to overlook and after Cell was destroyed - He carried Gohan back to Kame's lookout to be healed (even though he was just as badly injured). I often say that this is when Yamcha came full circle, because he went from Helping Goku along his battles and adventures to helping Goku's son (Gohan) along his own, which culminated in a heartfelt speech about Goku after Goku decided he didnt want to be wished back. He had indeed come full circle - as a person and as a warrior. He had nothing to prove thats for sure.

5. Closing

--- I guess what ive always ultimately wondered is "Why do most people despise Yamcha?". Is it his carefree attitude? Or his choice to live and enjoy life? Out of all the characters in the Dragonball Univers, (besides Master Roshi) Yamcha is the only one that seems content with life, and is always out enjoying himself. He always has an upbeat and joking attitude about any given situation, which i believe is also an aspect of what re-defines him as a human. He has always been my favorite because he stands in the face of adversity with style, passion and his individuality, even though most people dont seem to care.

Though his uniqueness and purpose faded out as the saiyans came along, Yamcha will forever be adored by those who have followed his journey and appreciated his contribution to the World of Dragonball.

Thank you Yamcha and dont ever stop being you :)