Operation Stardust

"Operation Stardust Commence!"

Lol, i apologize for the enthusiasm, I just finished watching volume 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory and it always seems to get me excited and remind me why i really love anime. I mean seriously in my opinion this is the best Gundam series that i'm aware of. Sitting here in my room watching this dvd with my surround sound turned up with maximum bass gets me every time and i can never put my finger on why i love this series so much. Maybe it's the clarity of the animation, or the diverse characters, the agendas of each characters and their ultimate needs and goals, or quite possibly it is a culmination of them all. Whatever it is, i love it thats for sure. Sadly enough, i only own volume 1 and personally recorded the last 3 episodes of the series before it was taken off of Cartoon Network, however i believe that not owning the entire series somewhat helps me appreciate it alot more in the long run. In the mean time, I'm hoping to be able to create some wallpapers with some of the screenshots ive saved using my dvd drive and the snapshot feature on my dvd player program :) (the pic at the top of the post is a screenshot from the dvd) Im certainly hoping to be able to introduce more people to this series. These days most people are more interested in "Gundam Seed" and its variations of the Gundam universe, and alot of the fans today aren't really aware of some of the older series that paved the way for the newer Gundam shows and alot of other anime in general. So if you ever get the chance, and/or if you are a fan of Gundam, sci-fi, space or political related anime, I Highly reccomend that you take the time to check this series out, whether it's a couple of episodes or the whole enchilada, I can almost promise you that you'll enjoy every bit of it ^_^

As for today, Im not sure what i'll be doing to pass time lol. I may work on wallpapers and/or some cards to upload. Earlier this morning i uploaded a Record of Lodoss war wallpaper and Card, so im really excited about seeing what people think of them, although i admit they are somewhat simple, they are my first creations in that regard and im hoping for some feedback so that i can do better and learn more in the future ^^ Im also still at a standstill as to which anime dvd/vhs i should watch from my collection. As of right now im kinda leaning towards watching a few more episodes of "Blue Seed". Im currently on disc 2 of the box set, and ive been getting the urge to continue it from when i took a break a couple weeks ago. Im also curious about the "GANTZ" box set i have. It's a pretty crazy anime (ive watched volumes 1 & 2) and its quite violent, intenese, and adult oriented, and it always leaves you hanging and wondering what will happen next. Then there is the 3 box sets of the "Thundercats" that i havent gotten to yet. Anyone who's anyone knows how great the Thundercats are lol, so i guess i just have a decision to make ^^ In the meantime i thank you for visiting and i look forward to posting about more opinions, like/dislikes and randomness as soon as it comes to mind! ^^

Thanks again!