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*doesn't have to do with card* My two, two-day tests are over! Thank the Lord. I mostly likely D+ them both though -.- One teacher said that he scanned the first part and the highest grade so far was a D... But he hasn't graded the essays or other half. Plus there are technically more than one correct answer, one answer is just better than another, so he checks every single one to see if he can give us any points which I am grateful for. So that D might go up. So hopefully I get a C. I would like an A of course but that's not going to happen.

Sorry that didn't really have to do with the making of this card but those tests are the reason I wanted to make something! So I never see much of Blood+ around so here is a card of Saya and Diva. They are sisters although completely different and don't really like each other XD But I thought the scan was lovely and I wanted to use it. I added some gradients and subtle effects to it then of course the text. For some reason when I convert it to Jpeg the red text of "is unbreakable" turned dull. So I provided a link to the PNG version as well. Enjoy and take care :)~ Gaby

This is dedicated to Karmira! I am so late on a dedication to you! So sorry >.< You always made me a Blood+ wallpaper and made me a get well gift, thank you. Here is a little something for you *hugs*


PNG Version (better imo)

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Blood Plus, Blood+, Diva, holding hands, Saya, sisters, unbreakable, women
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