Ikemarth (eCard Portfolio) [Speak of the DEVIL]

[Speak of the DEVIL]

"Speak of the devil and he shall appear."
- Bane; The Dark Knight Rises; 2012

I am so excited for this game! ≧◡≦ Now, I know he's not the Dante we all know and love, but I don't think he's that bad. To be honest, I don't mind him and I find him rather hot ahaha. :3

I saw the trailer and I liked him. He has the personalty of Dante which is what I like. I would trade the Dantes from Devil May Cry 1 and 2 for this one. At least this one talks and has an awesome badass attitude. ;D

I was reading Wiki, and it said that the final model was inspired by Christopher Nolan's film The Dark Knight as they wanted to make the character realistic.(Though I don't see how having a half-demon is realistic, but-) They also mentioned that while the original Dante was design from a Japanese perspective, the new one was made from a Western perspective. Which kinda makes sense in a way ahah.

Regardless, I think the game looks awesome! And with or without the new or old Dante, I'm a Devil May Cry fan, I'm gonna get any title not matter what!

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